Not Happy though

Not really happy for the compensation that DQ support gave me… couple of crystals, low lvl mythstones, legend maps? I want my old inventory back… i put a lot of effort to make that inventory epic… then they only gave me only few of what i’ve earn?.. :(((

Hi Priceless,

I am sorry that my solution does not live up to your exception, I truly am sorry about that because I try to treat each and ever single customer that I interact with as a Saint. Because you must be! To spend money on our game and provide us with the ability to do what we love to do each day, I cannot be more grateful for you and all of our other customers.

I felt that the compensation I provided for you (more than 500 of each level 1 - 12 crystal and mythstone) along with extra character levels and 11 legendary maps all at floor 690 would was going above and beyond what you would have been able to collect in half of a day of play given your characters equipment.

At this point you are clearly not happy with the level of service I provided. If you purchased anything in our game I will gladly refund those purchases for you.

Let me know how you would like to proceed, thank you for your time, thank you for your patronage, and thank you for taking the time to help me become a better customer service provider.



i just want my old inventory back… is that even difficult for you guys… sorry for being rude though… i just feel sad knowing that all of my hardworks for this game just got lost… i just have high expectations for tech support…

Yes, it is very difficult to replace an inventory full of items when we have no idea what they were.

That is the reason I added what I did, with no reference to go off of and looking at your current stats and equipment, I added more than what I thought was fair.

Please contact me via PM with information on your purchase and I will try to have that refunded for you.


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so you mean to say everytime a person undergo this kind of issue will be given that kind of compensation… i thought you told me at my yahoomail… that you saw my rogue inventory’s previously?

Yes, I did see it. It was one bag of crystals and two bags of yellow/orange items.

Since you uploaded over that save data so I could get your current save game, I was not able to use that as a reference.

Please provide me with information on how I can compensation you for the orders you made in game and I will do that asap.

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SAD…:frowning: that just one wrong move… i uploaded it… that’s why you dont have any more reference? why not told that while we were in YM? :frowning:

overall thanks to DQ…