Not necessarily a BUG


I have noticed that my game crashes (freezes and restarts itself after a few seconds) more frequently than ever.

Infact I have started snapping screenshots when this happens. The only thing I have noticed is it definitely likes to crash after a reward as for boost.

I have reinstalled game and still crashing several times per hour.

Any suggestions?



This does sound like a bug…can you tell me what happens if you play the game with Wifi/Data connection turned off? Do you still get these crashes?

What kind of device are you playing on as well?

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If you have wifi connect on but no connection the game doesn’t run until you set your settings to offline . Speed runs can cause game crashes ( especially with summons in play).



Hi sorry been killing time playing games I don’t even necessarily enjoy.

Anyway after playing for around an hour it still seems something is struggling. Same issue… enjoying a good grind and it freezes… sometimes I wait and watch the game restart itself and sometimes I force it closed and reopen.

95% of the time I play on my iPhone (8 everything’s updated) and 5% of the time I’ll play on an iPad Air 2. My phone is someway connected at all times. Wi-Fi at home is spectrum and Cell service is Verizon.



I don’t speed run by any means. DQ and I have a hot and heavy relationship fueled and focused on 1) OCD to collect EVERYTHING, kill EVERYTHING. So I move through slow take my time.

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Me too sometimes, when use ice + pack size + mob on screen + waiting frozen set exploded and then my phone get effect from that set,



but the worst is you get force close (unfortunately dungeon quest has stopped) on PVP. aka FREE MMR.

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