Noxious Talent and Elemental Weaken

Sorry for bad english post. Correct me if i wrong
(?) Can anyone tell me whether the difference of noxious (rogue talent) and elemental weaken ? Is it two difference things? If its same thing, why noxious doesnt increase stat of Elemental weaken?

(?) Does elemental dmg + or % have stat cap?
(?) How ED works?
Im trying to create my own build :stuck_out_tongue: blinkstrike smokebomb rogue build. I Need suggest wich elements good for my build?

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  1. As stated in the descriptions, Noxious only applies to Smokebomb while Weaken applies to all of your attacks.
  2. No
  3. It is in the dictionary

If i have 200 ele weaken, and level 20 noxious, and if im hitting enemy with smoke bomb and also applies weaken effect, it mean
(A) two difference effect (200% weaken effect and 30% (noxious)) will apply on enemy? Or
(B) enemy will apply 230% elemental weaken over stat cap?
(?) What % chance WEAKEN effect (affix) will apply on enemy? Its not on dictionary

Sorry if my question make you confused :smiley:

im also curious bout this one @Clogon is der a cap for weaken state in enemy? is it 200 or can be overcap via from other skills weaken such as noxious

  1. If you will reduce the enemy’s resistance by 230% and they were Greatly Resistant to Fire and you used a Fire attack, you would do: DMG * (100% (Original DMG value) - 75% resistance * [ 100% (Original Resistance value) - 230% (reduction)]) =
    DMG * ( 100% (Original DMG value) - 75% resistance * [-130% (Net change)]) =
    DMG * ( 100% (Original DMG value) - (-97.5% (New resistance value)) =
    DMG * 197.5% (New DMG mod)

I do not know if Noxious will go beyond cap. Will have to look into it.

  1. Weaken is always applied to your attacks. It is not a Debuff so you having Weaken will not help your hireling’s DMG. I will have to get the dictionary clarified.

The 200% is for Weaken only. You can reduce the enemy’s resistance by a lot more thanks to things like Ascendent. But I do not know if Noxious stacks or not. Will have to look into it.


Thanks senpai @Clogon for your answer. Im grateful :smiley: . I hope weaken affect and noxious will stacks<3. Notice us if its stacks because weaken in this patch so strong <3, its good if weaken can over cap.

@Paturojay use ephipany to inc cap of weaken to 250%

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