Obsidian blade

I just looted a obsidian blade and I’m curious on what I should socket it with??

Warrior level 45 .

And what should be my main focus on a warrior ? such as affix and sockets.

Best MS dps wise for a weapon would be #8 Endow, it gives 50% weapon damage.

Thank you sir.

I wouldn’t waste an endow ms on a level 40 item… I’d say go with %HP or HP leech until you hit 99… which shouldn’t take long.

As for set affixes I’d go with

Blood magic
Fauns (if you have a lot of luck)
And spellsword

For a weapon look for

+weapon damage
%weapon damage
+elemental damage
%elemental damage

Extra attack chance is misleading atm, and does not increase your dps as much as it says it does… I’d suggest rerolling it

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