Obsidian crystal

Let the merchant sell crystals straight up. Obsidian for 10 or 20 mil gold.

Then DQ would be bordering very close on P2W as you can buy gold as an iap. With the element of chance still in the crystals, its not so bad.

Yeah it would be closer, but with iap gold and the tiered crystal purchase in the merchant we already do have P2W, if you’re foolish enough to blow that kind of cash. But with a guaranteed obsidian for 20 mil gold one would need to blow $240 for a 6pak of obsidian and there’s still the chance the affixes won’t be fantastic. I save for a week to get an obsidian and have used 6 now, have yet to get a dmg affix avail.

Rolls from the admin himself: viewtopic.php?t=1124

I think these are the possible rolls… did you actually mean flat damage? If so, you may be wasting your efforts on a chance for nothing

Excellent! Thanks for the reply. I have asked in other posts for affix lists by rarity and the affix caps for each rarity but no replies.
So those are the only possible crystal affixes?
I should add I don’t think the obsidian I’ve used this far were a waste either, as most of those avail affix are quite helpful. :smiley:

No, we dont have P2W. For starters, the tiered crystals appear randomly. Once you buy one, what you get is random. Your suggestion would take a vast majority of the randomness away, and cut down the time and amount you would have to spend exponentially. You may not think so, but dropping 200 bucks on a game is not abnormal for some people. Ive played games with guys who spent over 5k on mobile games, it’s crazy but it happens. Dropping 5k right now in DQ guarantees you nothing.

As far as needing to know affixes, Dieter has been working long and hard on the Wiki, go read it for everything you might want to know. :smile:

you can “nearly buy” an obsidian for 5 million in the merchant so if it’s a straight up purchase, end goal achievements and farming would be a whole lot easier

Like Rubik mentioned, people spending insane amounts of real cash in competitive games is a very real thing. Those $99 IAP’s in some games aren’t just there to be funny. They get bought regularly. (I’m in the wrong line of work)

I personally know ppl who spends tens of thousands of USD on iap for RPG games annually. Rpgs aren’t even that competitive. DotA, a far more competitive game, has cosmetics that go for tens of thousands of dollars on the free markey.

I certainly hope I am as lucky as you imply… 1 of 20 purchases I got a Ruby. All other times it’s the lowest picture crystal (Jasper) or Zircon. :laughing:

RNGesus is apparently unto favoritism, you see… but a direct purchase will definitely break the game again, like in 1.7. Hopefully the Convert system covers this for the “unfavored” by RNGesus.