Obsidian on socket item?

Somewhat new here. Can you not apply obsidian to items with sockets or what? I actually can’t seem to find an answer anywhere and I 'll afraid to test it on other items with sockets. I have a 5 socket epic want I want to throw a crystal affix on but it won’t let me.

You just need a free slot on item to apply obsidian

Only mythstones can be used on empty sockets and you can make mythic skills with 4 specific mythstones (in particular order)

However, items should have 6 total slots and that item has 5 empty sockets, 1 should be free for obi crystal.

If you used that slot already, either make a mythic skill or throw a kyanite to kill one empty socket slot

What a dumb question. Lol. Major brain fart. I knew it need a a slot to be applied, my brain just wasn’t working. Thanks guys.


It’s okay lol, sometimes we forget too. There’s just a lot of info to take into consideration and we often leave something out or missed something.

It helps going back to basics and working back up from a newer perspective.

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