For the life of me I can’t get %luck on my Bomb. I’ve tried narrowing down the options by putting critical chance / damage, armor, all res, and hp% before rolling, but I keep getting the same shitty options.

Bad luck or am I doing something wrong?

Use topaz three times before using obsidian, choose in the option crit chance, mp on hit, hp on hit or etc except % luck. It will give you a higher chance/rate to get % luck.

Tried. I’ve gone through 7 obsidian like that with nada.

I feel you bro, just keep farming :smiley:

You actually get less options from the Obsidian if you put in extra affixes.

So, I’ve been practicing the wrong method :frowning:

Think about this, if you don’t want certain affixes to show up in obsidian, you use epic affixes.

For example if you don’t want hp regen, don’t want MP on hit, don’t want gold find for example, you use epic affix to get up regen, gold find and MP on hit. Since you can’t have 2 affixes on 1 item, obsidian will not show options for say MP on hit, gold find or up regen.

Make sure there is no luck on the item you’re trying to get luck on.

You get less affixes that show up on the Obsidian.

Of course. I knew that but it’s true. The more you limit, the less options show up which can sometimes mean more obsidian spent. I have felt those effects before where I limited too many options of obsidian and then obsidian shows very little remaining options at times.