anyone here having problems controlling themselves?

i find myself always clearing the whole map. traps, monsters, and all loot. i cant seem to stop and it is slowing me down alot. i was like, what if the map rolled an obsidian drop and decided to put it to the box?

when im farming i usually clear all mobs open all shrines/wells for epic enimies and open all carts(when im not lazy i break all boxes too)

when im floorhiking i just pass everything and go to carto location and burst him down.
sometimes i got ultra rare legend crystal from breakin stufs/boxes

That sums it up for me kevs. I can’t seem to stop/control myself from breaking all the boxes, opening chests, killing every monster, destroying plants, shrines, etc. Here’s one for you – I can’t stand it if I miss a small section of the map where the lines are not highlighted on the map, indicating that I did not travel there. O_o


Tbh, I think every hardcore DQ farmer will clear the map until nothing remains. Hell, I’ve done that since I first played DQ. Good thing about being warrior is wrath talent to freely destroy them crates just by being near it.

For wizard, good thing iceburn exist so I can break the crates easily by being near them.

Rogue doesn’t have wrath like effect though which I guess can be annoying. I think high range flintlock would more than make up for it though or being a fast farmer. Even if you don’t use wrath talent or iceburn set for wiz/warrior, fast farming can make up for it.

That mentality is a good thing though because there can indeed be that bonus free Crystal or eternal legends/crystal legend. Lots of gold as well if you gold farm. In addition, completing the feat of destroying destructible makes imp give 3 or more free legends. Worth it if a free eternal of so drops too.

i feel you bruh the same goes for me, :smiley: . clearing everything on maps plants,box,skulls etc. is a very good habit. i’ve been rewarded by doing that many times with a drop of ultra rare crystals,mythstones, and legendaries . :smiley: . by doing those things your getting higher chances, just keep it up bruh.

Me too do the same, I would destroy shrine tower if it destroyable after activation. Beside sometime those freaking epic mobs spawn inside those shrine lol. My hireling not attacking them, so annoying.

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A control/special button that would sequentially activate the two shrines, activate health pool, plus annihilate everything on the map and automatically collect loot could help alleviate my issues… but I’m sure I would still check to make sure nothing was missed.

↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A Start

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Yup. Pretty much anyone would make sure every box, skull, crate,grass, other destructible are destroyed along with all the enemies (also epic mobs from shrine with hunter perk) for farming of any kind.
Even when I just floor push with just a pure DPS build, I would destroy as many.destructibles possible. If with TNT props, I be a bit more careful about my approach to them. Cosmic orb, meteor and using stealth to protect yourself helps alot. Ranged builds even better because you don’t need to get close to the destructible.

I just stare at the monsters and destructibles until they die or break…

… or until my phone dies.