Offhand affix

Is it possible to get +10 Twister on my offhand weapon? I tried it over 500 times but it doesn’t work. I am playing mage.

Think so.


You cannot get MH Skill Affix on OH Weapon regardless of the class you are playing.


Question answered.


I’m not going to argue with @NUIQUE but you can get it on other items like rings And amulets and pets

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there have been a few post on this, and the consensus is that when it comes to Weapons, the only Weapon Skill that can be rolled on them is the Skill that is on the Weapon, unless it is a Special Skill from another Class. Special Skills from another Class can only be rolled on a Pet. (I have +10 Stealth on a Hound, so I now have Stealth 20, including +10 All Skills).

if you can, switch an affix from your MH or another item to your OH so you can roll Twister somewhere else.

Edit: a few items have Epic Skill affix from another class. like Cerebral Vortex Set from Wizard that has +10 Torrent on each item, even though Torrent is Warrior Skill. if I remember, if I Jasper to Rogue, it stays Torrent, but if I Jasper to Warrior, then another Class, converts to the other Classes Skill affix.