OK so

As I’ve said earlier in the forums, I just got back into playing DQ coz I got a new phone(YAY!), and when I logged into my old account and downloaded the data from the server…ALL THE CHARACTER SLOTS WERE UNLOCKED even if I didn’t buy them…don’t worry though coz i deleted everything(the data on my phone) once i downloaded it. I played a bit after that and uploaded the new data without the char slots unlocked.

If you guys do find that the files are still corrupted when i uploaded them, please do erase them from the cloud. I don’t want to get all the slots just because of a bug. Also, I do play around with the previous versions as I’ve mentioned somewhere so maybe it’s because of that…but i haven’t actually tried to play with iap’s so if there’s a connection to that somehow, feel free to ban me or something.

That is all and thank you. All hail DQ :slight_smile:

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Hey! If you still have troubles with your account, please contact the support: support@shinyboxgames.com

It isn’t a good idea to “downgrade” DQ, it can cause DQ malfunctioning.

well, i don’t downgrade dq. i just don’t update unless it’s 2 patches ahead in play store so i can look for bugs in the previous versions (the one i have on my phone) and hopefully try to solve it on my own without ruining the updates

i think my account is corrupted now haha…serves me right though lol :grin: now it seems that i can’t upload anything anymore haha and when i download, all slots are still unlocked. And even if i clear all data, there is still some on the server haha… seems i won’t need to upload anymore…god luck to me coz i had it coming hehe :grin:

Yeah, that’s definitly an account dependent issue :slight_smile: The best would be is to contact the support directly including your DQ account. I am sure, they will help you as soon as they can: support@shinyboxgames.com

thanks @Refia, but i don’t think I need to contact them anymore, it’s my fault anyways. I can still play like before so it’s no biggie. and i don’t use the cloud too often either :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t think they will blame you for breaking the account :slight_smile: So, don’t hesistate to let the support to fix it.

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technically, I’m a hacker now for doing those stuff and breaking the account :slight_smile: