Olaf build AKA frozen build :D

Since im done with my ascension (3perks is enough for me treasured furtunate and accomplished ) i decided to make this guide for those begginers and for those players having trouble clearing floor/map faster :smiley:

This is a old school build but still really effective until now(2.1) (those times when i was just a beginner also this build really helped me a lot)

I call this olafBuild coz it sounds cute nyahaha

4 frozen
2 permafrost
4 frostbite
1 element critical.

If you have/looted this gears at level100 its better,
If you can, you have to boost item quality(cap at 25%)
Then you can also make it 6frostbite if you have ruby, and you can also put +2multi attack,
If you have topaz and sapphire put +ED at all parts of the gears,


Now its up to you how you improve this build :smiley:

Ps: actually this build works also in other class

Happy farming DQmates :))

Its good but very ineffective, i get that its low cost but guided shot was reduced in damage if you tryed using it to spam arrows and the overall damage isnt enough th fulfil frozen damage requirements to become an effective set, so you would have to buff the damage a lot and find some other way to freeze targets… Maybe smoke screen could freeze some targets for you?

Again its up to them how they improve this build,

Yea frozen is great but targets need to be frozen and guided shot doesnt freeze targets as effectively as it used to

They can use chacram

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