Old hat or still in the game?

Ive been toying around with this idea to have a whirlwind/taunt build. I have been using some of zierhams tips but they dont seem right. In his theorycraft post hes calling bloodmajic a set affix where its actually a mythic. Is this an old irrelevant source of info or is it still a basicly viable build. Ive completed a few pieces of gear with slight changes but im afraid to finish because of the millions and millions ive spent making them and other gears. I have a dream of a whirlwind/taunt warrior. I keep ignore resist affix and wrath on neck. Otherwise im trying to make a rough draft of his ideas. So is that post and info old hat or still in the game. Thanks

Blood magic is also a set affix u can get it in rolling amethyst in ur gear and also u can make it through mythic. Which ever ways the easiest for you.

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Just don’t be coming here with no blood magic pet. We ain’t having non’ that. :joy::joy:


Didnt know that thanks. I went with the mythic on a rozenzi ring kept the rage set affx and ignore resist. Turned out pretty decent.

Great! :joy:

Say do you know if effective pairs with ignore resist? I feel like ignore resist does flat damage. Would effective bring it back up or be a wasted slot?

Nope unfortunately they cancel out each other. They dont stack.

Yeah that’s for sure. If would never make sense for them to stack anyways.


Thanks i wasnt aware that electrified did that. I use poison and have for a while it seems to do more damage for me. I may drop the ignore damage eventually when my damage gets higher. Still working on this toons gear. Appreciate the help.

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