Old player comin back


CuzegSpiked engineered the PvP Arena :joy::joy::joy::joy:


how to post some picture ?


Haha lol. I wish! Doing my job. Also it’s good that the crushing blow math I did was wrong because crushing blow being good in PvP would not be a good thing. Hello tank builds yet again.

In any case, crushing blow ftw even more on high floor. Gives meaning to ‘kill it with fire’.
Also the enemies had their time until the ‘fire nation attacked’.

Or until cloud shinobi use raigeki to electrocute the enemies from naruto or other lightning. Floor 2k ftw.

What can I say, I like math. There’s just something to it that makes it appealing, especially for this game. @Midlumer is the real math king here though.

All hail the Midlumer slime! All hail void.


And wait till finished


Stop it, you’re making me blush :blush: I’m not that good.

I’ve upgraded, profile fits the question mark in my head even better now :joy:


Looks cool !PVP revolution :smiling_imp:
Perseverance cap at 40% in 3.0 ?


I don’t know if perserverance has cap. 40% is just normal amount of 1× perserverance affix since a lot of people I don’t imagine put 2× 40% Perserverence .

I don’t even know if there’s a cap but 40% seems like more than enough by far.


I think it should cap at 40%,giving DOT style build a chance.


40% is more than enough to deter dot build ATM. I mean I can do fire mode of my Will of the Force Build but that 40% perserverance severely nerfs it . I mean don’t get me wrong, I like that fire and bleed are not overpowered but yeah. 40% perserverance is like 40% damage reduction to dots .

Ascendant build is still within the realms of possibility though. @LARRYBIRD17 made a good one that is in division 1 and is a good tank.


Why would we need a cap on Perseverance. If somebody wants to waste 3 slots on it let him :wink:

Cap on absorption would be cool though.


Im to busy in farming now hahHa Lets rock the arena Show me your mind blowing builds as etern league open. Hahaha goodluck all.


welcome back


Perseverance CAP at 100% but mostly Arena Tanks Players like me only use 2 so 80% Perseverance


Hahahahsame here just got back