Omg wth!

Just got to floor 247 then game freaken closed for nothing then i opened again and it returned to main menu i never got to cartographer damn… Need to fix this please it happened to me LOTS of TIMES NOW…

It you use the “convert” button on a lower level map you can convert it’s level up to a random level between your current one and the highest one you have completed this doesn’t fix the crashing on your current device but it can help to mitigate it the problems it may cause :smile:

Also could you please post your device your OS version and how often you are crashing it will help to determine what the cause of the crashing is :smile:

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Some tips to keep in mind when playing higher floor challenge maps:

  1. While killing enemies in large packs is a great way to quickly clear the map, pulling tons of enemies together at once time on your device then attacking them all at once can have a HUGE impact on game performance and lead to game crashed. Try to defeat the enemies as you come across them on the map instead of collecting them up in big packs. With so many different types of devices on the market there is no way for us to account for the Graphic CPU and Ram processing power of each device.

  2. Every so often, go into the shop while on a challenge map floor and purchase a map. It will provide a saftey net for you (in case of a crash).

  3. Placing the game in low f/x mode may also help. When you are playing the game press the Pause button.
    Press the options button
    Press the High F/X button
    It should now read Low FX


Got 1 and 3 thanks for the tip in number 2 i will definitely do it… Ive already know about not killing a whole bunch at a time cuz my phone is only android version 5.1 and also the low fx thing but still it crashes… Thanks for the respond! Love the game still hahah anyways i will do as u told me to thank you!

Thanks for the tip… This is why i love dq… The admins respond quickly! And can easily help when someone got problems thanks!

:green_heart: We try our best because we love y’all the DQ community is pretty dang awesome :smile:

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Since i played the game it crashed 5 - 6 times now my android version is 5.1 ive played since last week of october until now so about 3-4 weeks hahah im addicted to it hahahah

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