One day I will make eternal 2v2 pvp league


I’ve been in 1v1 for some of time now . 2v2 still eluded me :joy:


one thing I realized with my 2v2 PVP is that my Characters need different A.I. settings if they are going to work well together, which makes it harder than 1v1. my 2v2 was in Legend last time I looked. besides @dickwad if you put as much effort into your 2v2 as you did 1v1, you will get there eventually. Chimera’s for the Win!!! :crossed_swords:


The chimera will win. But as you suggested with amulet or ring switches. A choice of either amulet or rings. Nothing else. So pick a good eternal


@dickwad haven’t seen you on 1v1 Eternal League.


Look for frosty the snowman or Dickwad @kiane_zaine. Division 5


Hey @Golem check this discovery


You can activate set bonus with a item being a different set affix. I do have ascendant on other items. Going to make this equality as I’m using blood magic



@dickwad will wait for you. im on Div 2.


@dickwad I found that out awhile ago when I messed up my Nadroji Bonus. I thought I only needed 1 Nadroji and + All Sets to activate the Bonus. WRONG!!! so my hat had the Nadroji Bonus, but I had the 2 Sets on Ring and Necklace. the good thing about this is being able to craft items that would be hard to do some crafting on because of lack of space. like if I want to put Brutal on Nadroji Chest and keep the Bonus and ED%, I can take off the Nadroji Set and use 2 other Nadroji items with Nadroji and put Brutal on Chest. also, good discovery!




That is my chimera immortal build virtually finished with a nice selection of ring switches @Golem @kiane_zaine. All bonuses activate in PvP. I’m very happy with it :slight_smile: Going to work on a blink striker chimera rouge with storm and extra blinkstrike procs now


I dedicate the above build to @Mr_Scooty and @Golem and of course @Curezpiked


Just made 2v2 mythic division one


I am so jealous. congratulations! don’t forget to let your Toons celebrate their promotion to Mythic League Division 1. and now the battle begins for the journey to Eternal League!



The arena gets noticeably harder in 2v2 mythic league compared to the rest.


@Ircher I know :slight_smile: I keep slipping down and then have to climb back up. In division 2 again lol


Slipped to division 3 this morning and back to one. I’m seeing a lot of good players on 2v2 mythic league. I’m starting to think mission impossible!


on advice from @kaine_zaine im changing my builds slowly so my league ranks are slipping but it will improve when I find the final parts of the jigsaw. I don’t need the druidic amulets on my characters as was suggested. So now im playing around with alternative amulets for my characters.