One day I will make eternal 2v2 pvp league


Using an eternal terror amulet at moment with a zenith in it.



Even an eternal nadroji may be usefull. Specially with proc talents.


Ooooh check this out . 2v2 PvP . My characters have ditched druid amulets and gone for eternal terror


@dickwad it looks like the Dark Lord was Frosted by a Snowman. and the Dark Lords minion, SN_B_P2, got lost in a Field of Strawberries.


go go go @dickwad!!!



I want to give you 10 likes, because I was :rofl: so hard. if you are Butterfly_69, then @dickwad has the evidence in his post, and if not, well, it is still funny. :heart_eyes:

dickwad@ you passed me up! :cry: I noticed my win/loss is about even at the moment, so I need to make changes if I want to move up higher and faster. at the moment, I am not sure which changes to make because I am not sure which direction I want the build to go, so just going to get a feel for what I have and go from there. I think when I get some good gears on one of my other PVP Characters, I might be able to get my 2v2 into Eternal, because my PVP Wizard was good enough to get the team into Mythic League, but the competition is tough for moving up in that League with my weak Hireling (my PVE Farm Wizard, lol)


Hey @Golem a update




I’m loving this friendly rivalry and there is not a hair between us :slight_smile:


@dickwad oh boy! you’re getting closer. MEET ME AT THE TOP! :muscle:


:innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent: Thanks @kiane_zaine


me and @Golem are two places apart :fearful::smile:


I just keep trying. I wasn’t expecting to get up to 5. I lost 3 battles and won 6, and when I checked, I was in Division 5. I finally got the last affix on my PVP Wizard maxed, so no more farm penalties for my Farm Wizard. now to see if I am stubborn enough to get into Division 4 with my weak Wizard.


I have made the top of division four then one tweak and a few losses result with you climbing back from division 7. But the reclimb is always achievable if you think less about the build and more on your tactics


Wow look on this toons damage prevention :fearful:


@dickwad HDR Build.


just push and push it @dickwad