One step forward two step back :(

I have been playing for about a month now and I play every single day…don’t even have time to fap lol

what difficulty did u guys use? Coz depending on my set I may linger around epic but if I use my PvP gear I can go mythic 3 but I m stuck at around floor 300. Yet I read some of you actually climb up to 900+? That’s ridiculous.

So far I gotten 5 eternal gear and one of them is not even my class as I only use one char. And those I barely use coz stats ain’t to my liking.

Can u make mythic items from epic? So far I only got two legends with 4-5 slots and one of them is chakram which I seldom use(my fav is gun). Another thing is I clicked on the link provided somewhere how to make mythic items but it doesn’t seem complete :scream:.

I actually have more enquiries but that’s all I gotta say atm. Cheers .

Dont rush man, there’s no reward at the highest floor :smile:. Its better farm, make great stuffs before climb. P.S: dont skip fapping, it’s good for ur health. Cheers

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i agree…it’s good for your health :smile:

Thanks guys I will fap everyday!

Just make sure you’re using good affixes on all your gear and have everything synergizing. Don’t forget you can change the talents too, they help a lot. I believe in you! Floor 1000 here we come!!!

@smizzy thanks for the info.I still haven’t got around into changing talents yet. I think my drop rates r pretty bad considering how many types of crystals I get.