One ultra good reason to purchase extra characters

When playing a character the legend items dropped tend to be mainly specific to that class ( my wizard never dropped a rogue legend as yet but had the full aftermath set for wizard very early ). By playing a few different classes and buying a shared stash all your characters have access to the full range of legends etc. Then using the appropriate crystal you can convert one class item to be usable by another class ( eg wizard to rogue ). This enables all characters access to many skills and opens up the build possibilities endlessly.

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having a hireling is the best at game

Makes it more fun definitely :smiling_imp:

yeah now create a combo build lol

Best part. It’s only 0.99$ or so.

Exactly and what else can you get for 99 pence that will occupy you for months or years ? Its a win situation ! :blush:

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Yeah. Cheaper than even a sandwich. Not to mention the purchase does remove adverts except ad boost.

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