Online wave survival mode

A co-op survival mode is something that I’ve felt is missing from the game for a while now. Shiny Box have already proved that they are capable of making an online mode so why not make an online PvE mode?

General Concept
A co-op mode that features in an arena with 10 waves of increasing difficulty. Maybe have a unique boss at the end of each wave also (we haven’t had a new boss in years!).

Shiny Box already did an excellent job with the league system currently in PvP and I think this would also work well with what I’m suggesting. Ranking up by playing the game.

After the 10th wave, you should receive an arena chest of tier that corresponds to your league ,ie. completing 10 waves in epic league would reward you with an epic chest whereas beating 10 waves on eternal arena would give you an eternal chest. Lower tier chests would be given for not completing all 10 waves.

This mode would have to be incredibly challenging in my opinion, especially for eternal league where a guaranteed eternal is up for grabs. As well as making it challenging to avoid exploitation, it would also provide some great end-game content.

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Also you can avoid exploiting by limiting how many times per day you can grab a reward for this. Nice idea overall!