Option for controls to stick on screen or move wherever you want?

I request this feature because in the recent update, they made it so you can move the v stick wherever you want. I think thats a problem for players like me because now its harder to do tnt props or skyfall maps as controller gets out of control. The same could be said about battle arena but my point is there should be an option to make it so you can choose whether to have v-stick to be placed wherever you tap or keep it to the old v-stick where it says in one place always for people who were so used to the old v-stick. I hope this is a good idea because this update made it that much more difficult that I would want to quit because of it feeling like its far too hard. I need help!


Sometimes it’s hard to control my toon.
Hopefully there will be an option to change back to the old style.

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What do you think about an adding zooming in or out option? Sometime I feel like the camera angle to close.

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same lol. play in pvp to test v-stick it really hard tp move. i dont mind for pve tho. coz my build and playstyle not req me to move and attavk at same time.

We’ll be looking to fix this issue and also put in an option in the next patch, but it may be a few days away. Sorry for inconvenience!


Thanks @SteigerBox . I hope you return it to the old v-stick or make it so there are two options instead of me being stuck with the new stick and I cant change it to old v-stick.

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Yup, we’ll put in the option to switch :smile:


Absolutely hate floating control. I can’t play at all.

Same. Im just getting used to it but I still want old controller because it occasionally messes me up on maps or battle arena. Im at floor 186 plus over 1000 maps done just to farm loots. I also play mythic 3.

Yeah I’m getting used to it but I still don’t like it. I’m playing a rogue lvl 99 and a warrior lvl 50 so I’m still a newbie learning as I go.

New floating V-stick is sucks. It’s so hard to move hero because the floating V-stick moving always on the screen and when going to the end of the screen closed the game. Please fix it or back old fixed V-stick.

We understand your concern, please bear with us for a bit longer. New patch will be released soon :slight_smile: