Options - Pickup?

What does this option is for, please?
Will I lose money if I don’t set it to „Pickup: Normal+“ for selling items?

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You will pick normal+ items and you will loot almost all stuff on ground, if you pick legendary+, you will not pick up those that are not legendary, those are epic below, you will just pass by it.

so if your using an imp and you set items to rare+ (as i do) then the imp will pick up any item that is below rare quality (magic and normal) and after the imp picks up 3 of these items, it will igve you a new random drop, i’ve seen crystals from these, legendary items and extra rare /epic items that can also be sold

if you decide you want to pick up absolutely everything then you’ll have a lot more to sell but you’ll have to sell more often and imp’s wont give you as many extra drops (if you use one)

ps. i like to have an imp and a dog when i’m farming :stuck_out_tongue:

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