Orb wizard .. where to go from here?

Hi awesome community.
I have this build now with a playstyle I enjoy so want to keep going in this direction. However I am abit at a loss at a moment at what I should focus on upgrading next, as I keep bouncing from 181-200 m3 grind with current setup and switching in more hp and doing 500+ normal maps where I kill fast but is vulnerable due to short range on spells and needing swift reactionary teleports (difficult on my small mobile).

Current thought is to grind 181-200 and wait for lucky nadroji drop, dont have elixirs available yet.


Random pet is random btw.

Please post your equipments, so they can see more of the picture here. and so they can give you more advice…

Just keep on grinding and upgrading items. get some hireling also. Go for maps which you can grind faster and can give you more loots

If you click the image you will be taken to the imgur album where all the gear is shown. Currently working on hireling, but ty for advice :slight_smile:

oh. sorry. didnt notice it has 7 more pictures to it. ill check it.

I have check your equipments. look for a nadjori. and the rest will follow. X)

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Gotta love that nadjori.

And especially when you “look for” it. I’ve been looking for a 2.1 chest for awhile now. Guess I’m blind.

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Oh, you like nadjori, too?

So i didnt get nadjori, but just got an elixer :slight_smile: Time to go to the drawing board.