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Legendary Hasenpfeffer?


:laughing: my bad. Thanks for the info. OTOH. Philippines friends of mine have shared their photos with me. Their homes are small but nicely styled. There are those that think Americans have better, little do they know until they get here. Don’t believe everything you see on TV. Try living in Detroit for example, or even Salt Lake City. It aint easy.


There are a lot of people who want to leave America but can’t. Alex Jones has a website called he is referring to the USA with that name. It’s like the song Hotel California says. You can check in, but you can never leave. The system will find a way to keep you here. Debt is a crime in the USA, punishable by a life sentance to living in the USA.


Thats wayy too sad… Hope you guys do good there.


Yeah that’s sad. I wonder about the UK since brexit is about tightening borders . I mean I think leaving will probably still be a thing though more expensive maybe or if debt gets too bad, nobody leaves or something.


That wall they keep talking about at the southern border in USA? Its more about keeping people in, than it is about keeping people out!

People come here, but mostly they go! Yes there is a drug trade, but thats not why they want to build a wall there. A years income in the USA, can pay for a really nice lifestyle south of the border. Just saying… …I have both White Americans and Latino amigos that have done so.

Crime, War on Drugs, Paranoid Schizophrenia because of 911. USA is a nice place to visit, but with hyper-inflation nobody in their right minds wants to stay here.


See, thats why they want to close the southern border. It’s all about money, and how with the hyper-inflated economy of the USA. People are coming here to the USA, making money and then going back across the border to spend it. Whether it be drug trade or anything else it doesn’t matter. If they can get the money BACK across the border, that’s all that really matters to them.


More power to them, Maybe some day I will do the same.


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