Pacifist pvp wizard build

Its a crazy idea but it may be fun to try making such a build

A build like this would be something like making your AI never attack and use immortal build but focus it slightly more on CV.

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I was thinking of only defensive skills (eg boneshield and summons etc) but which spam offensive procs when triggered. A thorns skill would be nice :blush:

Reflect DMG and Cerberal Vrotrex would make it seem more pacifist since they’d basically kill themselves, in other words you did nothing wrong! :smile: Or at least that’s what I thought of when I saw this post, maybe @CuzegSpiked can help us more with this.


Yup. Immortal build is essentially a pacifist build but to make it true pacifist, it never attacks as a good example so A.I setting to never attack but it can still move.

Immortal build does still actively attack though so it’s not truly pacifist.

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I tried reflect damage once and it was underwhelming. Maybe I don’t know how to synergize it correctly but it was doing like 10 damage…

Are there other affixes needed to make it shine? I would love to utilize it.

Well reflect damage isn’t worth it at all. CV is though as well as Terrashaper and other affixes that cast when hit. Although the build can still technically be pacifist if it just runs away so it can still use skills like sprint , vault, teleport , shatter and be able to have procs.

Yep I recently got the Terrashaper pet (finally) and it works wonders with my Fauns and CV. Also Ethereal drain helps
with DMG. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Earthquake is ridiculously overpowered. Never mind landing the skill affix for the pet if you’re fortunate enough to get it. All I’d really need now is maybe Overload and see how that fairs with the mixture.

Purely for PvP tho’.

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Yeah I see what this is :smile: .