Patch 1.1 Released! Featuring Warrior and Legend Items!

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[ul][li]Introducing the Warrior class! Features 4 new main hand weapons, Axe, Sword, Mace, and Lance, and two off hand weapons, Shield and Horn.[/li]
[li]New item rarity “Legend” with 12 new powerful Legend items to hunt for![/li]
[li]Updated Wizard Skull mechanic. Now instead of leaving a bomb on the ground, will leave an explosive Skull on the ground that shoots at nearby enemies.[/li]
[li]Support for lower end android devices[/li][/ul]

[ul][li]Fixed an issue that prevented the game from running on LG optimus G[/li]
[li]Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause enemies to have no texture or be invisible[/li]
[li]Fixed a bug with sorting your inventory that could cause you to lose an item[/li]
[li]Fixed “magic enemy” challenge to show proper goal amount[/li]
[li]Many spell effect tweaks[/li]
[li]Android back button should no longer quit application during gameplay[/li][/ul]

[ul][li]Wizards now get 1 point of MP regen for every 1 point of Mana stat, Warriors get 1 point of armor for every 1 point of Vitality.[/li]
[li]Added additional mana regeneration based on the size of the character’s mana pool[/li]
[li]Updated mana cost on weapons to grow based on base mana cost of item type.[/li]
[li]Increased effectiveness of Armor[/li]
[li]Separated item affixes into pools that appropriate for that item ( e.g. no more seeking on orbs or skulls )[/li]
[li]Added 3 new general item affixes: Armor, Dodge, and Block[/li]
[li]Changed player resistances to be rating based instead of percentage[/li]
[li]Reroll price is now based on the range that the item will be rolled to, instead of current item level.[/li]
[li]Wand and Gauntlet base damage increased[/li]
[li]Teleport AoE explosion range reduced slightly[/li]
[li]New affixes available for Legend items: Toxic, Immolating, Torrent, Freezing, Frostbiting, Increased AoE, Glasscannon, Reflect Damage, Movement Speed, Item Quantity[/li]
[li]Health Orbs now drop during Boss health intervals for Malus, and Nix Gigas fights[/li][/ul]