Patch 1.2.5 Now Available!

Thanks again for everyone’s feedback and bug reports, more fixes and features to come soon! :smile:

[color=#0000FF]Patch 1.2.5[/color]
[ul][li]Fixed a bug that removed purchased items on some devices[/li][/ul]

Design Updates:
[ul][li]Increased selling price weapons and armor, and greatly increased selling price of Legendary items.[/li]
[li]Fixed the “Blessed” talent to give correct bonus[/li]
[li]Increased the range of Totem’s Taunt ability by 100%.[/li]
[li]Adjusted item drop rates[/li]
[li]Reduced “Reroll” price by 25%[/li][/ul]

[color=#0000FF]Patch 1.2.4[/color]
[ul][li]Fixed a few issues with slot purchases and character creation.[/li]
[li]Luck boosts should now properly run out ( Sorry! )[/li]
[li]Reworked weapon and armor prices and fixed issue with identified items selling for less than intended[/li][/ul]

[ul][li]Apply Elements can be done multiple times on the same item[/li]
[li]Apply Element Cost reduced 50%[/li]
[li]Reroll Stats always gives at least 1 level to an item, if possible[/li][/ul]

thanks for the update!
im now playing with my warrior, and it rocks!!
and I did notice with this update that the prices of the weapons and other items have dramatically dropped. hope the pricing goes back before this patch was released :wink:))

thank you! all the best!

Check out patch 1.2.5 released last night, prices should be back up :smile:

I have definitely noticed a decline in legend items droprate. At max level and floor I can only hop on for a bit and farm at this stage of the game. Used to get a legend every other run or so. 12 runs in and no legend items even with my 315% luck.

Shouldn’t be that much lower, definitely not a ratio of every 2 runs down to not even in 12 runs, hopefully just bad luck! Will double check it / re-evaluate on our end though. Also, keep a look out for some new legends and some item buffs coming soon, maybe even before the Account system hits. :smile:

Thanks sooooo much!!! :wink:)))))

Aww… im really starting to get bored… im 99lvl and passed 200 floors like for 10 times and got all good stuffs what is possible to get… got like 10mils right now… i think i just quit for some time till updates comes… thanks for good game <3

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Need new challenges already? :wink:

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Haha… :smile: yeah thats what i really need right now :smile:

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Check out this thread: Challenging Content, what should be next?