Patch 1.3 Now Available!

Account System
[ul][li]Front menu redesign[/li]
[li]Challenges and Gold are now account wide[/li]
[li]20 New Legendaries[/li]
[li]New Set Item Affixes, Blood Magic and Ascendent[/li]
[li]Items can now have limitless epic affixes[/li]
[li]New Enemy: Ogres[/li]
[li]Many new sounds[/li]
[li]Bug Fixes[/li][/ul]

Fixed Shield Tooltip
[ul][li]Fixed bug causing lance to take double mana[/li]
[li]Icy Touch now works properly[/li]
[li]Luck is now properly affecting affix rolls on items[/li]
[li]Enemy Attacks no longer hit back player using physics, improving performance[/li]
[li]Wizardry spelling fix[/li][/ul]

Design Updates
[ul][li]Axe Damage Increased by 26%[/li]
[li]Axe Hit Sensor size reduced by 20%[/li]
[li]Staff damage increased by 12%[/li]
[li]Sword damage increased by 7%[/li]
[li]Hammer attack redesigned, damage increased by 20%[/li]
[li]Hammer mana cost reduced by 20%[/li]
[li]Hatchet Damage increased by 20%[/li]
[li]Text fixes to Talent descs, talents reorganized to be sorted by tree[/li]
[li]Blessed changed to add up to 100 to each spell and physical resist[/li]
[li]Hardened changed to give up to 30 Armor per HP stat point[/li]
[li]Increased effectiveness of Armor by 100% and Resistances by 200%[/li]
[li]Twisters now push enemies[/li]
[li]Caps on block, dodge, and crit[/li]
[li]Physical Resist stat turned into Arcane Resist, all basic damage is now Arcane[/li]
[li]Minions now inherit all armor and resists from caster[/li]
[li]Bracer’s Spell Reflect Skill changed to Time Warp: Casts a warp field that slows all enemies and projectiles within, and boosts player’s matching elemental attacks[/li]
[li]Totem changed to deal damage over time while enemies are within range[/li]
[li]Ignis and Malus fight adjusted, mechanics fixed[/li][/ul]

when is the new patch coming
will a new talent and items be featured in the next patch? maybe some spoilers?

we posted a few screen shots of some of the graphical improvements we are working on for the level layouts. They are on our Facebook page. I will make sure the next round of screen shots ends up on the forums as well (our fault…it won’t happen again!)

I hope you can keep posting updates like this where we can see EVERYTHING that has been updated/fixed!

Thank you!! :mrgreen:

Steiger is awesome at that stuff so he gets all the credit for keeping all those notes :smile:

The next patch will have a few videos that walk users through all the changes from 1.2.0 to 1.5.0 (or whatever the next number is)

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