Patch 1.4.0 is on the way....but WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Sent a message
hope i am abl to test patch1.4

sent a message. i am ready for the update :wink:

Thanks for putting me on the list.

beta build mean to have a second dungeon quest installed ? because i have only 178MB on my phone x) and i havent anymore space.

Email send

Isn’t there a G+ community (where we can join the beta program)?

I’ve just sent the email, it’s so exciting :smiley:

No this will install the game on top of the version you already have. It will not be installed twice. This is why it is very important that you back up your game save using the DQ Account system first!

Yup! I will send out invites to all people who are able to be testers. This is actually how you download the test build. More details soon!

Its done

Excited for a new patch! Hopefully I can continue on the testing team ;p

So what happens when I install the patch I get a character reset for the duration of the patch and after the patch has ended I can download my old characters again is this what you mean?
Because then I’m up for it :smile:

What will happen:
You will get an invite from our support email address to join our Google + beta test group.
Once you accept the invitation, your email address will be added to our “tester group” on google play.
I will upload the beta patch to google play.
Your phone will notify you that there is an update for Dungeon Quest available
When you download this update it will install on top of your current version of Dungeon Quest.

I have had NO issues with save game loss when updating to this beta patch, but I cannot say for 100% certainty that this would not happen.

The reason we make a DQ Account a requirement to test the new patch is so we can create a back of your save game on our end in case anything goes wrong. Then we can just restore it.

The invites for G+ haven’t been sent yet, have they? I haven’t received one, checked the spam box too.

No, the invites have not been sent out yet! That will not happen until Monday.

Alright that answers it for me daniel :smile: Sign me up! I’ve participated in a google+ beta group before so I know the drill mostly.
I got an account and I know you guys are quick to respond in the worst case scenario.

Can you sent me a message?
I think i able to test new patch.

i have just joined the google group. ive read the whole patch overview and i must say it looks really nice.

I agree !!

When the build will be released ? Because i forgotten to say that I will have a new phone in 2 or 3 days and it will be a galaxy S4 with android 4.3

Patch is out for the testers now. Some have already been able to download it.