Patch 1.4.1 Now Available!

[ul][li]Over 60 new Legend items added[/li]
[li]10 new set affixes, and close to 20 new epic affixes[/li]
[li]New Legend Codex that keeps track of all the Legend items you’ve collected[/li][/ul]

Bug Fixes
[li]Fixed many graphical issues on devices that made it impossible to play previously[/li]
[li]Fixed issues with Samsung Tab 3.7[/li]
[li]Adjusted DPS number calculation in stats to reflect multiple bolts properly[/li]
[li]Fixed issue with floors randomly being skipped[/li]
[li]Fixed Gauntlet bug that was causing it to always hit multiple times[/li]
[li]AoE showing range not showing correct percentage[/li]
[li]Re-rolling “+ Add Skill” Affix shouldn’t change skill now[/li]
[li]Fixed Issue with Elemental Critical stats on Armor not giving proper amount ( Toxic, Paralyze, Immolate, and Freeze )[/li]
[li]Fixed Resist Shrine ( was actually nerfing resist )[/li]
[li]Fixed DoT counting related to Talents[/li]
[li]Properly applying Frenzy attack speed bonus to attacks in certain scenarios[/li]
[li]Fixed Number DPS number cut off in combat[/li][/ul]

[li]Zealous changed to give movement and damage bonus, instead of movement and attack speed, damage given doubled[/li]
[li]Increased hatchets thrown by Assault talent by 2[/li]
[li]Updated thorns, now deals 25% of your current health per hit, times the current percentage of the enemies health / 100[/li]
[li]Explosions now affect props[/li]
[li]Blessed has received a 3x buff[/li]
[li]Permafrost mana conversion increased from 5% per piece to 7.5%[/li]
[li]Fixed bug with comet explosion doing 1/3 damage than expected[/li]
[li]Increased Barrier Mana Reduction from 1% per rank to 2.5%[/li]
[li]Buffed Resist Effectiveness by 333%[/li]
[li]Reworked Toxic ( Elemental Critical )[/li]
[li]Shock Damage Changed - Each hit of shock damage increases that target’s damage taken by 12.5%, stacks 4 times ( DoT lengthened to 4 seconds )[/li]
[li]Torrent Changed to Paralyze - Chance to stun target each tick of Shock DoT[/li]
[li]All Resist changed to actually boost all resists.[/li]
[li]Blood Bath adjusted from healing 25% of bleed damage to 0.5%[/li]
[li]All items that affect Total damage now include offhand damage[/li][/ul]

Could u explain for 20 added affixes?

i saw a affix ‘knight’s xxxx’… then… what is it? similary… other affixes … too. gg

The fastest way to see what each affix in an item does is to check out the expanded item detail page. Pick an item in your inventory then press on the detail pane it appears in. That will pull up a page that gives in depth item info.

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Can you post those 60 New Legendary with the image of the items please :smile:

You can view all legendaries in the game itself.
But i’d like to see the wiki updated with affixes and leg’s

Putting them on the site would take a good bit of time, so that’s why they aren’t there yet, so busy!

I will be working on a project soon that will make it easier to display in game items on the web, and will update here once that’s further along.

Well since you can view them ingame, just the affixes would be enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there any update today?

i’ve been updating for last night to 1.4.1, but today automatically updating on my device… what is it?

when i checked the version, i could see the ver.1.4.1 still…

after patching patch 1.4.1, I cannot view Legend Items anymore :frowning:

oh, me neither. can’t see dics.

What do you mean by cannot view? Can you not see them in your inventory?

What do you mean by cannot view? Can you not see them in your inventory?[/quote]

The Legend Skull book icon is not responding anymore every time I click it.

i quite disagree with the fact that bloodbath is significantly nerf from 25% to 0.5%
monsters are hard on EP 8 , leech is not a reliable way to survive for warrior users
so i have solution why dont buff it to 5% instead of 0.5% …i totally agree with a nerf to BloodBath but not to this scale

there is a slight gap when bloodbath takes effect , monster is redesigned in such a way to attack more aggressively ,so there lies a big possibility of instant death on EP8 im talking about Act Guardians and not the rares
leech on the other hand is instant to be able to make it just reliable it will mean rerolling a gear with leech mods -> that translate to potential loss in DPS.
the addition of bloodbath to us warrior WILL NOT be able to make us faceroll EP8 , this BRUTAL NERF is just making things worse than it already is.

p.s : not that i dont want any harder challenge but constantly dying to one shot and spending gold to revive, while it can be spent to craft better gear is not exactly what most of us here wanted, sorry for the punctuation mistakes

I totally agree! Enemy Power 8 is so hard, even if my build is pure HP Stats~No Power nor MP.

I’ll take a look at Blood Bath again, but it was set insanely high before.

I set it to a value that was reasonable, and while testing proved I could survive with it.

The goal is to make Enemy Power 8 a challenge, and insane healing is hurting that goal.

Also, while I’m looking at this, if you have the time post your gear here so I can see what you’re working with :smile:

The best way to handle this:

Get + HP leech/+ MP leech
Get very high damage
Either get VERY high MP and use blood magic/warrior from the legendary sets, OR get +HP on items
Once you get above 20,000HP with over 1 million DPS, use gear that will hit hard and fast, and you should be able to handle anything.

With my setup, I use teleport on my wizard and avoid being struck. With High DPS and Twister, I destroy everything while being hit very rarely and only have around 2,300HP (Yes, that isn’t a typo, if I get hit 1 time, I die at floor 200, but I rarely get hit).

Also of note, the benefits of monster power 8 is very small in comparison to the added difficulty, if you want to be time efficient, bump it down to monster power level 3 or 4, or even 1, because, as I said, the benefits are very small. Refer to my guide on play styles in the Guides section and let me know if it helps any.

[color=#FF0000]WARRIORS:[/color] I’ve yet to post a guide on playstyles for warriors, but part of it is because the wizard is in almost, every way, more time efficient at navigating, and farming. Warriors have the upper hand in defense and especially in DPS/healing methods (prayer, bleeding + blood bath, etc.) For warriors, you could use a kite method to stay alive if you use the horn with sprint + torrent, and also you can utilize “Throw Sword” or even Whirlwind (probably my favorite as it moves your character while providing ample amounts of massacre so that you can collect loot and kill enemies at the same time :open_mouth: ) Whirlwind works best with high attack speed. Combine that massive amount of DPS with leech (EVEN only +.50%… 0.005 * 1 million = a lot… lol) and you will stay alive easily. FYI if you do even only 100,000 damage per strike, you still would manage to get 500HP back per strike, and assuming you do that damage and have a max HP of 10,000, if you hit multiple enemies, say, 5 at a time, and you attack 4 times per second, that would yield 20 strikes per second, and recover your health to max every single second.

Regarding the descriptions of the new legendary set items, I will post them in the dictionary that I started ages ago and have not updated. It will be in the guides section. I will post them with screenshots of items i’ve collected. I’ll start with the wizard items since I mainly play the wizard.


thanks for your advice! :smiley:

it really works!