Patch 1.4.2 Released! Improved Inventory / Moga Support

Check out the Blog post here ( with brand new theme )

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Only problem with the new interface is that you can’t see your total amount of cash in the interface, you have to exit to the game to see how much cash you have. It’s not much of a problem I guess, but it is slightly annoying.

Yeah that was one of the sacrifices we made to fit everything else in. Could possibly find a way to sneak in another pop up menu to show as long as it doesn’t obstruct anything.

I’m so excited of the pets! please release Screenshots here in forum! can’t wait :smile:

This patch is AWESOME, I feel at ease now I can lock my items I’ve kept since the beginning haha

Also sorry to sound greedy but any ETA on Total Damage Reduction Leaderboard?


So, I guess this is a good thing… Everyone is so excited for the new updates in general… They didn’t even know that the guy was playing on a phone that was larger than my TV that I have in my living room I guess… Nope, nothing out of the ordinary there… Just a guy and a theatre sized phone… But anyways, yeah, the update is great. I just wanted to point that phone out… Gold farming = super easy now. I should be excited too… I’m going to post more videos and update a bunch of stuff shortly :smile: Finally got through updating and reconstructing my computer. (Downgraded from the horrid windows 8.1 to windows 7 home premium. Terrible time figuring that one out but well worth it. Probably caused my warranty to go void though; especially since I had to open up the laptop and play with the hardware inside :/) This just means the videos will be of higher quality now YAY.

Well everything is nice. Just have to become used to it!
But in my opinion the comparative screen is kinda useless

And i think the game is faster nice!

I understand, great update though! :smiley:

@chance459 you don’t need to exit the menu to see how many money you have. Just go to the enchant screen and on the bottom middle of the screen it shows how much you have.

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I’m very pleased with the new inventory system. Good job, guys!