Patch 1.4.4 Preview - Challenge Maps and New Leaderboards


awesome! :open_mouth: ___


Finally! Hope there is no glitches…

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When will be this path?


can you go ahead and release the andriod patch now? been patiently checking the forums for two weeks now. :frowning: grinding is getting boring now :frowning:


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patience mate, the patch will be released very soon, once it’s through ‘APPLE’s security check’ or something like that. :smile:
on the 15th May Steiger said that 3-4 are approximated, to let the app go through APPLE’s review schedule. today is the 18th (EU). so, pretty soon :


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not possible on my phone…

:astonished: ?

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Why dont release android version here on forum for those who want to dwld it and later when its ready to release it oficially on playstore :smile:


tomorrow will be update?


They can’t tell you when. Apple needs to approve so it is up to them.

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they dont have to wait for approval to update android… still patiently waiting… makes me question how further patching will go in the future…


It’s because they are moving servers…

They got to release the patch at just the right time on both apple and android…


for what reason? its noy like the account sync works as it is…


We have to release both versions at the same time because there are code changes in the game that need to be in so that you can connect to the new servers successfully. Also they have to be at the same time because people can play across both iOS and Android, and could lose their data if they uploaded/downloaded between platforms. We’re not doing it to be jerks, we promise.

Update should be ready to release today, assuming everything goes well.


MY GAME CRASH WHEN I TRY OPEN RANDOM MAP!!! And dont work anymore. When I try play normal floor, game crash again…PLEASE HELP. I have Nexus 7 2013, Android 4.4.2.


I think I just responded to this email in the support forum. If that was not you, please PM me your DQ Account Email address and I will pull yoru game data down and have a look at it on my end.



Healing bosses at high floors 1500+ still remains a bad thing… We need a “Remove Regen” affix, because avoid bosses isnt good… At high floors, nobody do nothing, the new “execute dmg” is a joke vs this.


Nah, builds can outscale their healing in dps now… up to a point but 1500 M3 only have around 40B HP so theyre not too bad, its 2000 that need a perfected build… unless you use crushing flames and frozen :joy:


Send me a warrior HIRELING build that can kill a floor 2000+ PURPLE healing Enslaver and i will agree…