Patch 1.4.4 Preview - Challenge Maps and New Leaderboards


A warrior, using trickster, eternal vengeance, earthshatter and other certain methods of damage multiplication, MH Ice element, OH Storm element, 40% crushing blow, sets demonic and electrocution, three ice dmg percent and three frostbiting affixes… Frozen is a choice you can make… it will be good for chunking bosses down since crushing blow doesnt do much to cartographers

Otherwise, simple x2 crushing flames, x1 frozen build will destroy infinite floors…

But im not designing if for you, not because i cant, more because i cant be arsed… yea im lazy, problem? :joy::joy:
Well, i mean if you ask nicely, i might help YOU to design it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The big problem here isnt im ask nicely. I dont speak english, and im sure that i didnt used any bad word. I really really want a build for warrior hireling that is ONLY focused on the “zero life regen”. ZERO crushing blow, only only on this problem. About your interpretation, its more a translate problem. May you help? If not, good life. If yes, thanks!!!


Mh weapon may be charge?


Haha i was only joking with you bud. Yes you could use lance, but only because lance is high base damage similar to hammer, however, lance will not give you the bonuses from zealorty. (Epiphany bonus & momentum)

But now youre faced with a huge problem, you want a character to deal 4000 Billion damage… but you don’t want crushing blow, you don’t want frozen, and with these rules; execution damage wont help you. The above are core components to a build, without them, youre literally missing out on x24 damage (demonic, electrocution & x1 execution damage+100%)

I have never tried something like that, mainly because its madness… there might, MAYBE, be a possibility that bleed could go to ~60 Billion damage by its self… but that doesnt scratch an enemy with 4000 Billion health.

Similar with poison and arcane, their damage can go exponential to the number of monsters on the floor, but i think your game will crash before you can gather enough monsters


the problem with a Healing affix on Maps is that at high enough floors, even a +1% Heal can heal a Monsters HP faster than you can damage it, and it can go up to +5% Heal. using Frozen and/or Crushing Flames might mean you can reach even higher floors before you get beaten by a Monsters Heal. the Monsters Heal is per second, so using Weapon Skills/Spells that have a High Frequency Attack, like Wizard Storm, can also help. Storm attacks 4x a second. Storm 40 boosts you to 8x attacks a second.


Teacup and Golem, my problem is fighting against red/purple bosses at high levels, but it using a red/green map. Ignoring map regen affix may help me? And reducing to 1000-2000 floor…


using Larimar to take Heal % off of a Map would help a lot in killing Legend and Mythic Monsters.

Legend (Red) and Eternal (Green) Maps only have the loot affixes. Gold Find, Luck, Item Quantity, Crystal Rarity, Myth Stone Rarity, 3x Golden Chests (6x for Eternal). so these maps don’t have Heal for monsters. I don’t know if Monsters can heal if there isn’t Heal % Per Second on the map or Heal % DMG on Hit.

Epic, Legend, and Mythic Monsters might have some healing ability of their own different from map affixes, but we would need to hear from @tdaniel or one of the other Devs to be sure either way.

the problem is that they could have so many HP compared to the damage you are doing that it might look like you aren’t doing much damage to them. so it might take some time to actually kill them. that is why Crushing Blow, and even more, Crushing Blow with Crushing Flames is so powerful. you might be doing 100 Billion DPS, but if the monster has a 1 with a billion zeroes in HP, it is going to take some time to kill it only doing 100 Billion damage a second. you are only taking off 11 zeroes a second off of a Billion zeroes of HP. with Crushing Blow, the first hit would take off 100 million zeroes compared to your 11 zeroes, and with Crushing Flames (5), the first hit would be taking off 350 million zeroes of HP compared to your 11, or the 100 of just Crushing Blow.

hope this helps.


There are Eternal Maps?? I’ve never heard of that before. BTW how can I obtain Eternal Maps? TIA.



Legend Maps are the Red ones. you get them from completing the Feats for collecting maps dropped from Cartographers and defeating Cartographers. (these are 2 different Feats. look in Codex > Feats)

Eternal Maps are the Green ones. when you get Legend Maps, there is a chance for them to be an Eternal Map instead. like Eternal Items, affixes on Eternal Maps are doubled. so normally on a Legend Map, Item Drop Rate is +200% max over cap. on an Eternal map, it can get up to +400% over cap. the other big difference is that you can use Diamond Crystal to improve the affixes to be better values on Legend Maps, but not on Eternal Maps. you can increase your chances to get Eternal maps the same way you can increase your chance to get other Eternal Items. High Luck, Eternalized Set, and Treasured Perk.


I can only dream of there being a pack size affix on Legend and Eternal maps. Just think of the LOOT!!


haha, they only have the 6 Loot Affixes.

Legend (Red) and Eternal (Green) Maps only have the loot affixes. Gold Find, Luck, Item Quantity, Crystal Rarity, Myth Stone Rarity, 3x Golden Chests (6x for Eternal).

using a good Main and Hireling Farm Build Team can get lots of great loot with these 2 maps.

plus, when someone necro posted this thread, I discovered this bit of information:

[size=150]Map Items[/size]
Maps will have random affixes, much like items, that add different challenges to each map. With each map affix added to the map, the higher the Reward for completing it!

I don’t normally really care about how many affixes are on a map, as long as they are good for farming or ones that don’t make it too difficult to climb floors. but knowing that more affixes improve the loot dropping, I can see how I might spend a little more to have Rare or Epic Maps instead of settling for Normal or Magic Maps.


Sorry missed this thread… @SteigerBox for confirmation :slight_smile:


They shouldn’t have any self healing on these Maps. Any other Affix applied to them should be listed under them :slight_smile:


@SteigerBox & @tdaniel thanks for the reply. it is nice to know that monsters need a Healing affix to get HP back. monsters on Heal maps would be a good testing ground for a high DPS & DMG Climbing Build.