Patch 1.4 - Released!

Finally, Patch 1.4 is out and available to download :smile:

Check out our patch notes on our updated blog page: Blog

Or just read below:

Big Features:
[ul][li]Complete World overhaul
[list][]Unique lighting per level
[/li][li]New scenery and environments
[/li][li]Improved tilesets and dungeon generation
[/li][li]Improved density and placement of spawns
[/li][li]Improved performance of each level
[/li][li]New props and improved placement and variation.[/li][/ul][/
[li]New Hireling system - We’ve added the ability to “hire” your other characters for a fee, and have them actually aid you in your journeys! They gain experience, loot items, and progress through the floors with you.[/li]
[li]Shrines, Pools, and Weapon/Armor Racks
[ul][]Shrines can give one of 6 effects:
[/li][li]Increased Elemental Protection
[/li][li]Increased Elemental Damage
[/li][li]Increased Luck
[/li][li]Increased Number of Items Dropped
[/li][li]Increased Experience Gain
[/li][li]Spawn an Epic “Shrine Guardian”
[/li][li]Pools rejuvenate both HP and MP to full.
[/li][li]Weapon Racks drop one weapon of random quality
[/li][li]Armor Racks drop one piece of armor of random quality[/li][/ul][/
[li]Full Controller Game and HUD Integration[/li]
[li]Overhauled option menu with many new options
[ul][]New Options
[/li][li]Show Damage Numbers ( all, only crit, none )
[/li][li]Show Enemy HP Bars
[/li][li]Show Ally HP Bars
[/li][li]Sort by ( Type, Rarity )
[/li][li]Pick Up threshold ( Normal, Magic, Rare, Epic, Legend )
[/li][li]Screen Shake ( on, off )
[/li][li]Music and Sound FX sliders
[/li][li]Auto-target ( on, off )
[/li][li]Controller HUD ( on, off )
[/li][li]Map Position ( centered, offset )
[/li][li]Controller Mapping[/li][/ul][/
[li]Updated Stats page that shows boosts and caps[/li]
[li]Apply Element enchant always changes the element[/li]
[li]Updated Enemy AI
[ul][]New Enemy – Malum Spawn
[/li][li]Updated Fury – Falls from the sky in a Meteor
[/li][li]Updated Healers – Now shoot projectiles in addition to their effect summons.
[/li][li]New Idle Behavior – Enemies now feel more like part of the world, and don’t automatically beeline straight for the player.
[/li][li]Enemy Density and Activation – We’ve improved performance on enemy activation, and as a result, have been able to increase enemy density for improved slaughtering!
[/li][li]Updated Magic Enemies – Now travel in packs of 4 and share the same affix as the rest of the pack
[/li][li]Updated Rare Enemies – Now have allies that support their Rare leader
[/li][li]Updated Epic Enemies – Now have unique names, and dedicated enemy type per floor number
[/li][li]4 New Enemy Affixes - Haunting, Freezing, Stunning, and Bewildering[/li][/ul][/

Smaller features:
[ul][li]Added the ability to rename your characters[/li]
[li]Added 3 new Enemy Power levels[/li]
[li]New Legendary Set: Permafrost - 4 pieces per class, adds: “(Set Pieces10)% Ice DMG, (Set Pieces5)% DMG taken converted to MP”[/li]
[li]Replaced High Floor leaderboard with Highest DPS[/li]
[li]Added Epic Dungeon Guardians to the end of every dungeon starting at floor 21 ( down from 101 )[/li]
[li]Added New Golden chests that drop much more loot[/li]
[li]All elemental vanity items can now be purchased with Gold.[/li]
[li]Added Different Gold Pile Types[/li]
[li]Added number shortening system[/li]
[li]New Special Offer purchase on front menu[/li]
[li]All Skill icons updated and show element[/li]
[li]Added swipe character spinning in store and front menu[/li]
[li]Added quit button to main menu[/li]
[li]All our awesome testers added to the Credits Menu yet.[/li][/ul]

Bug Fixes:
[ul][li]Fixed issues with account registration, added a way to register on login screen[/li]
[li]Talents Icy Touch and Wizardry now gives proper elemental critical chance[/li]
[li]Leaderboards now update properly[/li]
[li]Fixed issue with app not resuming when pressing the home button then trying to re-open DQ[/li]
[li]Issue with downloading overwriting wrong Exp Earned[/li]
[li]More changes to help with items falling behind walls[/li]
[li]Blood magic now shows HP cost instead of MP[/li]
[li]Fixed text display bug with stat points[/li]
[li]Fixed issue with Hero Point gains not showing up while playing[/li][/ul]

Design Changes:
[ul][li]Addressed Enemy behavior and density issues[/li]
[li]Whirlwind’s ticks now scale with attack speed[/li]
[li]Increased Shatter damage by 300% and effect range by 50%[/li]
[li]3 New Epic affixes: Increased % Armor, Increased % Total HP, and % Reduced Cooldown for all Spells[/li]
[li]Spell cost while using Blood Magic doubled[/li]
[li]New character level requirement to equipping items that checks to see if you’re at least half the level of the item[/li]
[li]Re-rolling has been changed to have a max roll of twice your character level[/li]
[li]Items can now be rolled to item level 100[/li]
[li]Complete Skill, Item Damage and Affix Range rebalance ( Note: Your weapon DPS and total DPS numbers are likely to change once the patch goes live, but it’s important to note that overall most items were changed to be more effective, even if your DPS number goes up or down. )
[/li][li]Skill updates:
[list]Blast – updated effect that represents a Blast better
Meteor – size increased by 100%, added screen shake on impact for greater effect
Storm – area of effect increased by 50%, lasts for 5 seconds, and optimized effect for better performance
Twister, Torrent – updated effect ( that looks way cooler )
Wand’s Skill – now called “Barrage”, has a 50% chance to cast an additional Bolt.
Staff’s Skill – now called “Comet”
Sword’s Skill – now called “Pierce”
Wand and Sword projectiles – updated to reflect their role better
Tome – Summoned minions from Tome now have a 25% boost to DMG and HP, Sacrifice now heals for Offhand DMG * 2
Lance – updated how charge works to feel more fluid, added effect to Knight’s Charge
Shield’s Bash – added effect and screen shake, has a higher Knockback rate
Shield’s Ground Slam – Much higher Knockback and Stun rate, added new animation and screen shake for greater effect
Hammer’s Smash – added screen shake for greater effect[/ul]
[/li][li]Talent Changes:
[ul]Blood Magic now benefits from Insight
Stonecold updated to ”Increase Armor and Cold Damage by (Talent Rank2.5)%”
Mind Pact changed to “Continuity - Time Warp also slow melee attacks by (Talent Rank
Bite changed to “Crush - Increases Shield’s DMG by (Talent Rank5 + Block)%”
Cleave’s name changed to “Lacerate”
Wrath updated to “Periodically damage nearby enemies for (Talent Rank
5)% weapon DMG”
Zealous updated to “Increases damage, movement, and attack speed by (Talent Rank0.5)% at above 75% life”
Clarity updated to “When any enemy is affected by an element, MP regen increases by + (Talent Rank
Frenzy updated to “When any enemy is bleeding, attack and movement speed increases by (Talent Rank)%”[/ul][/li][/list:u]

Congrats Shinyboxgames! I’m more than happy with patch 1.4. :smiley:

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Wow, insane update! You guys are the best. You guys created the best game on mobile devices, imho. Keep it up! <3

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