Patch 2.1 Preview - Part 1


Well, glad to hear that… i can’t wait for it before i’m getting busy



just a bit confused with all this ascension business. just how exactly does it work? obviously at char lvl 99 i can purchase my first ascension, then have my stats reset back to lvl 1, but what happens after that? if say i chose ascension #1, do i have to reach lvl 99 in that particular ascension before i can purchase another one? also, if say i’ve already nailed ascension #1 and proceeded to go with #2, will the perks from #1 carry over to my new ascension and so forth for my 3rd, 4th, etc ascensions or are perks limited only to the whichever ascension it is the player is currently at?


When update will come?


Yes, yes and yes!

Only your levels and stat points get reset, your things go to inventory, and everything else stays!


What if by some reason you have a full inventory when you ascend, what will happen to your equipped items?


i just about to ask about this too… luckily someone ask first… i hope there was warning note before you can proceed to ascend


maybe you cannot ascend and we will see note like this “please put slots for your equipped or else the items will also ascend” lol


hahaha. or… “else your items will descend into the ground” =Þ


You cannot even ascend if your pack is full.


But… but… what if I wanted to? :cry:


Ow. I wasn’t looking clearly at the pic, Ascension is in the shop, right? So that means the system won’t allow you to purchase an ascendent perk with a full inventory.


Added guild & PvP Guild :smiley:


Add more VANITYS xD type Wings


20 plus days of hype is too much lol. Getting harder to grind since there is going to be so much of it to do in 2.1.

We should make an official race ranking to see who gets to max ascension first.


I’ll more gladly if stats point stacked


you know what… with this hype go on… why not we had some game… likw… who gonna be the first to get all 6 asc first… hahaha… just fun thing… no reward… but gloating…


@CentraBPM already did. A month ago. Did common -> eternal in a week.

A week. lol.

He’s too OP in that sense that he’s partly the reason why the ascension exp requirements get larger and larger

PS: I’m almost to Legend but I am not even trying. Tryharding wears me out.


Wait so you’re not playing a test server? When 2.1 releases you’ll already be maxed and have completed most of the new content releases/ levels?
Well that’s disappointing for the rest of us who didn’t have 2.1 for the past month. Especially for pvp since all the testers characters will already have finished and tweaked builds with the new gear and whatnot.


The only server is the arena, man. Testers work as hard as we do. Harder, in fact.


We are not that many, who are playing pvp actively (only around 2 or 3). So, don’t worry about it.