Patch Update Fantasies

I like DQ very much. It is very much fun to play. And I’m really very excited for every patch because there are really lots of things added everytime.

This btw is my fantasies/dreams that I hope will come to reality in DQ.

  1. An Eternalizer Item - You read it right. And as the name says it is an item that will make a chosen item(weapon/armor/jewelry/pets/trophy) into an eternal legend. It will double the items affixes(except for crsytal and mythic affixes) and damage/armor. I suggest it will be a quest reward for killing 10 or 20 mythic enemies. Or maybe a reward from an eternal chest from battle arena. Whichever is harder to do.

  2. New class - A new class is always a dream for every DQ player. But I know it will be a very difficult task for the developers to make a new one. I couldn’t even think for a new class myself. But I hope there will be and I know the brilliant minds that created DQ can make this possible.

  3. Tier 2 Class - So if the new class is quite impossible in the near future, why not make a tier 2 class for the current classes? A tier 2 class will give your character bonus hero points. For example, an Assassin will be a tier 2 for the Rogue. An Assassin will have +5 hero points for each dagger skills and sentry skills. Will also have +5 to Luck.

  4. Battle Arena Official Draw - I’m quite a noob in the Battle Arena and there are enemies that I can’t really defeat. So I end up often forfeiting. I hope though that DQ will add an official Draw result for Battle Arena when there is already 3 draws scored in the match. So players will not be forced to forfeit a match because of a player that can’t be killed that also can’t kill them.

  5. A Mythic Rarity Map - Sounds a little strange does it. I know it does. But if you are wondering if this map needs to be crafted to be a mythic, nope it doesn’t need crafting. Maybe it should be also a quest reward. So what is my idea of a mythic map. Well it will have bonuses same to an eternal legend map but all enemies in that map are at least magic rarity. You read it right, no normal enemies for great experience gain. So all enemies will have a +1 rarity which means thr Cartographer, Enslavers and Shrine Champions will be Legendaries. The Rare enemies with allies will be an Epic one with magical allies. And the magical horde will be a Rare Hoard. WTF!!!

  6. New pair of elements - maybe Light and Dark.

  7. New item rarity.

  8. A New kind of pet.

  9. A new vanity item - CLAN FLAG.

  10. And because of the clan flag, I hope there is a clan in DQ. Clans will give bonuses to its members for a day depending on how many of its members are part of the top 5 of the Eternal League in Battle Arena.

I do hope Shiny Box and DQ might consider these dream suggestions of mine.

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2/6/7/8/9…i like

About 4, with every draw your power increases by 25%. Do more draws and you will be able to kill them.

GREAT JOB i like them all haha.

but this just means more work, more coding, planning, designing haha GL dq team. it might take some years for all of this to be achieve. haha

and if it might also make the game heavier in terms of memory usage.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions :smile:

10 not sure about it lots of player already request it :smile:

Nice ideas but i think no. 1 would make any lucky enternal drops useless and many op builds would exist

@SteigerBox are this fantasies possible in the future?

2 and 4 probably not.

too bad i would want a monk class lel can heal/buff allies and able to deal dmg

Some of these may or may not already be desired by the Devs. Sadly they may or may not be limited to what the game engine can do/time restraints. So they may or may not be happening. =P

Honestly though, I like some of these. I especially want a new pet.

Sadly, I don’t think the coveted Cube will be implemented any time soon. =( (I blame the engine)

Yeah No. 1 might be a little OP. But who doesn’t want a perfect eternal legend item? Hehehe… And I do want to add something that I think SHOULS BE ADDED. I think the devs should make the players change gear/item if they want to every end of a battle in battle arena. It is quite annoying to go to campaign every now and then just to change equipment to try different things.

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I do felt that eternal legends just got out shined by their legend counterparts. If the devs will just gave the eternal legends a few more crystals to work with, I think eternal legends will make players more excited again.

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Thank you also sir for noticing my post. :slight_smile:


I want the Cube too. I mean it has so many functions! I am glad it is not Rubik’s Cube. Those take too long to solve.

i keep thinking for hour now i still got no idea what is that freaken cubeee lel … a crystal maybe ? enhancement material ?

I’d say the cube is definitely my largest desire for the game :slight_smile:

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@SteigerBox u just made me more curious lol … is it like in the anime? the cube that changes everything?

I’d love to say more but I’m not sure it will actually happen, so I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up!

Just know we are always busy working on new things, and when they are close to done we’ll let you guys know :smile:

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