Pathfinder abuse?

I read that pathfinder is affected by overcapped dodge,so what is maximal dmg reduction?

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the Cap for Dodge is +60%. using Epiphany Set, you can get up to Dodge +84% Cap, but you need 4 items minimum with Epiphany Set on them.

Pathfinder set gives +12.5% of Dodge % as DMG & Damage Reduction. with Pathfinder (8) you can get +100% of Dodge % as DMG & Damage Reduction, but you need 4 items minimum with Pathfinder Set on them.

with a Pet, you could do Pathfinder (8) & Epiphany (7) = +81% DMG & Damage Reduction, or Pathfinder (7) & Epiphany (8) = +73.5% DMG & Damage Reduction.

any class with Stealth, Dodge +50%, and Pathfinder (8) could get +100% DMG & Damage Reduction while Stealth is active. Stealth doubles Dodge for the duration that Stealth is active, but at the cost of all DMG being reduced by 50%. Stealth is a Rogue Skill, so they get the biggest benefit from using it. I think with Dodge higher than +50% you can get higher DMG, but Damage Reduction doesn’t go over 100%.

Rogues can get Stealth up to 40, while Warrior & Wizard can only get it up to 20.

concerning Insight Wizard Talent, the Dodge you get is counted toward the Dodge Cap. I believe it is because the extra Dodge is permanent. Bulwark Warrior Talent increase Block for 5 seconds if you Block for +.5% Block per Rank. so Block can go over Cap with Bulwark since it is temporary. (yes, I just read your other post on this subject :smile:)


You have gotta love a reader lol.


haha, well, right after I read this post, the next one was a necro he posted on that just got shut down! that was when I added the Insight part to my post.

wasn’t sure I should add the Stealth part, but I remember posts where players say even with a Perma Stealth Build done right, if your timing is off, you can still die sometimes, so it isn’t too OP or abuse. a 100% Block Build is the same way.

had to bust out a calculator for the numbers and look up the Pathfinder set, but it sure was fun to write!


Away the dreaded calculator :zipper_mouth_face: