Paturojay's Ultimate CAMPAIGN Build (All Job, Easy Floor Clean)


Sory for my lasy reply. I am sleepy and im not so good at math.
Can you also calculate if we change. That ms into elemental crir DMG?
How you get that calculation? So smart


I knew that anyway.


I did these calculations based on this guide:


Yeah, 5 slots for just doubling damage is too much. Although, if you’re gonna run max speed anyway, why not?


The post being created on your phone has no bearing over its appearance or fluidity.

SHTT was made on my Samsung Galaxy S4.


Beats me. Most of my posts were created by a Samsung Tablet 2 or S3 mini . It doesn’t matter what phone generally if you want a good post though. For video recording it’s slightly different but it’s optional to include a video. Not forced to.


SHTT is longest post i ever read. How long you made that post?


Question. Is the hand of ephiphany of elements a wiz weapon or u change it from a different class since it has an aftermath effect. Thats the weapon that I’m looking for.
Thanks in advance for answering


Hand of epiphany is originally from wiz.


Thanks for the answe