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So as everyone seems to agree it is great that Shiny Box actually isn’t out to price gouge at any spot they possibly can and the stuff they do offer for sale is a good value. However, I find myself thinking of stuff I would be willing to pay for if they added it in to make things even better. Unfortunately I usually think of way too powerful stuff to consider actually putting in but it’s still fun and you never know. Here’s my ideas other people must have stuff they though of too.

  1. Either pay to choose a new affix on a legendary pet not including the set ones (or design a new ultra rare crystal to re-roll a single pet affix)

  2. Pay to get one permanent socket on your stash would be fun to have one more slot that we can fill.

  3. Pay a permanent feature to make it always be daylight in the maps. I hate the dark ones when I am sitting outside playing all I see is black.

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The first suggestion would revoke the intentions of the cash items. They are not intended to make you more powerful or give an advantage. The only ones that will give you a slight advantage are the boosts and gold options, and they cater primarily to players with less time.

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Unfortunately, it looks like no to all 3 atm. Sorry :frowning: . I do understand that you want to support Shinybox much more than you can though :slight_smile: as well as making gameplay easier yourself. Still, I appreciate your effort to add some potential ideas that could be valid for the gsmr.

  1. As @Skaul said , the cash items weren’t meant to make the user more powerful or give massive advantage. This would be a turn off for many of the DQ players because this is the rare game where you don’t need to pay to win so much with money. The only features with a slight advantage as well as being very cheap is the hirlings and the boosts. Permanant stash is convenience but has its uses. Furthermore, the boost cater the audience with the least dq play time. With the right dq farm equipment, they are extremely useful for that audience, especially with maximum farm affixes. If 6M gold per floor wasn’t enough for me at floor 200 and below, I could get double that and double everything else in farm rate.

  2. What’s the difference if the stashes have 1 socket. I feel like we already have more than enough inventory space if you have all the features added really. If you bought hirlings that aren’t being used, they are also huge inventory banks for stuff too. You will learn that most legends aren’t really worth keeping at all. The only things actually worth keeping is crystals, mythstones, crystal legends that you actually plan to use, legacy items, some eternals you may use and some rare legend stuff you may use.
    I never filled every stash for many months so I think the stash system is fine. Only thing is that if you have so many legend pets, you may need to put them in other hirlings inventory or other stashes. I hope you understand :smile: . I understand where you’re coming from because especially from a hoarders point of view, you need more space as always.

  3. I do understand why you don’t like dark maps but I don’t think a paid feature is the best idea to solve this problem. Sure It is convenient but we have the reveal map feature for finding your way in very dark maps as well as the torch generated by your body. Maybe it might be implemented in future if you like playing outside but I’m not sure.

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I figured they would be no. As I said I usually consider stuff that is way too powerful to implement which is why I try to mention it as a pay item to make up for it. I still have a good time thinking of weird add-ons like those though.

Cool :slight_smile: . To be honest, it’s hard to request a pay feature that is very reasonable in a game which is for the most part: free to play. You can get started with enough hirlings as well as premium stash for under £10 or under $15. All it takes is either paying for them directly with credit/debit cards or saving up money for a gift care to redeem money. Patience really for the gift card part but it’s worth it.

I have a problem with dark maps too. Discovered map don’t help becouse “discovered” corridors are black/grey lines on map that aren’t visible while everything besides monsters and you is black too. The only way i know where to go is where the monsters are standing.

Well there’s that problem too.

I dont know I’d pay cash for “no dark maps”, especially since you can always use gold and buy a new map and see if it’s dark too.
By an extra slot I think you meant as 7 affix slots on an item? That would require a HUGE programming change and unbalance the game. Of course it would be sweet but would allow for unbridled powerful characters easily. I think it’s already pretty easy to make rediculously strong characters.

A feature I would pay for would be a Legendex Grimoire, where once a set legendary is found you could create it for say 1 mil gold. Meaning, once a Nadroji ring or Frozen OH (for example) had been discovered by a character/account, the player could summon a new one for a steep fee. It would eliminate the need to hoard items, and if you cast a crystal affix you didn’t like the wasted item could be replaced and you could try with another obsidian to get what you were hoping for.

Dark Maps? Purchase your hero with some glows or the seals on the vanity items. That would lighten your way around, but not that much :smile:

Oh boy life would be so much easier if every item had 7 affix slots. More op broken builds lol. Would be an easy trillion dmg or way more depending on the build too. It may also destroy the purpose of set affixes too like rage. Easy 40 hero point. Literally everything would be too easy at this point and as if it wasn’t already that easy. I do think he means stash extra slot, not the gear extra slot? My road to quitting dq would be 10x faster if it was that easy and I’m happy with everything just having 6 affix slots.

I think this game is pretty balanced with some broken aspects but overall very balanced. It caters for pvp’ers, farmers and infinite floor hiking (more possible thanks to things like frozen set affix).

I just meant one extra socket and said it could be considered putting a gem on your inventory bag as the real life extension. I agree that 7 on gear would be way too much. I don’t think 1 extra would be too much. I would also settle for being able to re-roll pet epic affixes I don’t see why everything can be changed accept for them.

“I just meant one extra socket and said it could be considered putting a gem on your inventory bag as the real life extension.”

-I don’t understand what you mean then

He means, stash should have an extra pocket so 21 pockets instead of 20. Not sure why only need 1 extra slot in a stash or inventory but whatever. Not aure about the precious gem idea. Could you please elaborate @Kaethorne . Thanks if you do :slight_smile: .

As for pets, when you say reroll, do you mean change affix? Rerolling by diamond or fluroite to make sure you get the perfect affix defeats the purpose of defeating enslavers to maximize your pet stats. As for changing affixes completely like with sapphire (if that’s what you mean by rerolling affixes on pet), that would be pretty darn op af if you think about it. People would easily have a perfect setup all the time every time.

A good option I do think is valid though for pets is having the ability to be jaspered. This way, pets with other class affixes aren’t entirely useless and will make the massive difference. Could aruge that it might be op but I am not sure. Maybe having the ability for a pet to have nature is nice idea but again, the balance may be broken slightly maybe.

Normal pets with rolled affixes wouldn’t be so op. You can’t roll eternals so maybe rolling legendary pets could go trough. Also like the idea to change pet to different set, but would limit that to legendary only pets, not eternals to not be lucky with one eternal pet and have a chance to get any set you want.

I just meant 1 extra slot for an affix. The bag thing was just a conceptual idea of where the affix slot would go.

Oh. I already explained that it would be too op with 7 slots because I have already figured out bow to deal 100B dmg per second without poison or ice.

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Holy cow o.o that’s a lot off damage

Well it’s alot but I’m not revealing the secret until I managed to get my theory idea of 100B bleed dmg perfected. 3B dmg per second is good and easy but not op. It’s just balanced because it is average for alot of builds. 100B dmg per second is op though. Even though my idea of a pve build plans to deal that much dmg without poison and ice, I dont think the build will be good for pvp. It is more for pve.

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I unstand that :smiley:

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option to buy any floor no. on the store… not just the current floor your on…

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