PCK Poison Cloud Killer

Anyone help me to improve my farming set
Thankyou for advice
By the way i use imp pet

you got a tons of ruby out there :smiley: you need 1 5000k Element Dmg

Ok sir thanks for advice is that the only thing i put ?

I’ll try this set in 1.3k map m3 it is good but i’ll farm only in floor 200 to have atleast 5 Defiant set then i"ll go to 500plus floor to have a armor,head etc

btw why rupture what skill you are using and that NADROJI RING! why did you remove +2set then put a +2 mythstone set on it its a waste of mythstone you know

I guess some +10k hp would increase your health by a ton

HP is useless at higher floors.

20 Dexterity, one Crystal Dodge affix, one Crystal Block affix, and some pwning affixes is your survivability.


Well since this build looks like a farming build, there is no point in going higher than a bit over floor 1000 tho

Reaching floor 1k plus or 2k plus is for what ??
Item that are very useful in pvp or pve you cam get in floor 500plus
Btw this build can stand 1.3k plus floor :laughing: i tested it

I’d rather have 60% Dodge and 45% Block than 2-hit capable HP, though.

The eternalized necklace and ring are 1000 +

Depends for me, running a farming wiz main with 350k hp and mp with manashield and a rogue hireling with permastealth, my wiz dies like once every 10 maps at floor 1000

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@Eater My pet hasa bleed chance haha
In +2 Set in Nadroji i accidentally remove it because im focusing on mhytic skill that i put hahahaha​:laughing::sweat_smile:

@Fruitcake not its clear haha dont focus to much at mythic skill remember you only need a 4slot :smile:

@eater about that i used eternalize and crystalline set because i have many mythstone i dont know how i discard it from hero to quest is more than 500 each haha

Question; What kind of mythstone is +2 all sets??


im lazy at converting :smile: