Perfect roles... how?


Does anyone also noticed that luck% also affects chance of getting perfect affix stat (assuming max lvl & 25% IQ) when applying crystals (obsidian & ruby)? When i use my warrior with max luck for applying obsidian and ruby on gears I always (maybe 90% chance) get perfect affix stat than using my wiz with lower luck %. Any thoughts?


I think so too


@dickwad I see. I ended up doing something like that when I made my Ascension Gear with the Nadriji Bonus, and took the Set off and kept the Bonus. before I realized I needed 2 Nadroji Sets on 2 separate items to activate the Bonus. :cry:
@Alkahest that is a good question, and I wonder if that is why some of my builds had better rolls than others.


Yep. Ita something that was around for a while.


Even on rerolling for perfect affix stats, max luck% speeds up max’ing stats and saves more crystals. Though idk how effective it is on max’ing two or more affixes in one roll. :confused:


My first level 100 Ascending Gear, 3 of my Crystal affix were perfect on first roll, the other 3 took some time. the best part was I was able to use all 6 affixes, and only 1 was not my first choice for an affix.


The first 5 times I rolled eternal fabled staff I got great stats. Recently the affix choices have been poor


I did that recently too and I got all perfect epic affix stats.


50% item quality on Eternals ftw!