Perks still remain on new Characters

I accidentally deleted my Main Character and stashed its Items. But when I used my new Character It still has my old characters Perks. Is it a Bug?

Hey! Yes, it’s a bug. Thanks for the bug report. Noted :slight_smile:

What will I do now?

It gets fixed, once the devs have time :slight_smile:

Soooooooo ? how is my Eternal Farming Character can be retrieve? I spend time to my old character. Im worried if I equipped my old Characters Items in the Battle Arena and Get reported because I use them. HUHUHU :’(

Please contact the support for any account related issue:

Thank you so much @Refia

please to allow me to comment and for reviving this post. . .I have questions about this topic. about replacing my old character with only one slot and the my only choice was to delete it. same as the other one talking about his perks disappear i have the same issue too…does developer can retrieve our perks logo. . .please reply thanks