Permanent / extended boosts

I would love to be able to buy 10 hr gametime boosts or even permanent boosts in the store. I tried out the spawn rate increase boost and loved it, but it only lasts 1 hr and I don’t think I will use it much because at 1$ per hour, that’s just too much for extended use.

I’d pay a $99 IAP for a full set of permanent boosts. Perhaps a $59.99 IAP for a 7 day multiboost set would work just as well.

When it comes to IAPs, I believe balancing out the value-to-dollar ratio schematics is the best way in the long run to make people feel comfortable about purchasing into it and making them believe that their money is going to give them a suitable benefit without under or overdoing it.

Most games with the F2P model run currency systems where you’re paying $100 and taxes and it barely pushes you forward in progress, yet you can’t be viable or competitive without throwing money into the bottomless pit. Those are not the kind of systems that offer a balanced or enjoyable experience


Thats one of the many reasons I like dq and shinybox. Their approach to f2p is that you can play the game without ever having to spend anything is paying off because that makes people want to spend money to support the devs. Judging from the amount of nightblade sets I see in PvP that is working, eh, Steiger :wink:

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I for one don’t buy the boost because to me it’s like buying drugs u get that high for a while an then it’s gone. A waste of money IMO. Bad example I know. But I bought nightblade an slots an extra stashes. Cuz it’s long term an I can enjoy them. I would suggest more slots. Thou if anything.