Permastealth Build

Welcome to my first post! I have been playing this game for a couple of years, but with quite big pauses. I finally decided to get involved with this forum, and I will start with posting a permastealth build. If you have questions regarding the build (or literally anything about DQ) just ask in the comments. I tried to marry Blightbog with permastealth and my own twist, so i will call this “Blightbog but with my own twist”.

(Forgot my pet! It is an imp with 13,6% orbit, 9% Crushing Blow, 13,3% rediced CD, 8,7% dodge, 75% gold and 37.6% luck. It is trash, but none of the legend pets I have found fits this build.)

This build focuses on staying alive with Permanent Stealth, and damaging with all the tricks in the book. Crits, elemental crits, explosions, crushing blows, twisters, cosmic orbs, meteors, orbs and more. Here is a more detailed explenation of every affix, and an explanation of the current state of permastealth.


To get this you need AT LEAST 50% dodge, 30 points in stealth and 75% cooldown reduction (Im using epiphany, which makes caps 25% higher. 60% max cooldown + 15% (25% of 60) = 75%). Hunger would also work, but less reliable) NOTE: Rogue gets dodge with power. I am level 82 (ascended twice) with all points in power. Just be aware of this.

Cosmic orb for damage
Epiphany for higher caps
The rest is self explanatory

Demonic for more damage to enemies under 25%hp
explosive for damage
reduced cd, dodge and stealth for permastealth

Fletcher for DPS
Plagued for more DoT damage
HP regen for DoT damage
Blight for Elemental crit damage
Ignore resist is a musthave on every set
rest explains themselves

Relentless for damage
Druidic for DoT damage (HP regen from chest comes in handy here)
APS for… Well… APS
Orb and meteor for creating chaos
rest explains themselves

Counter because you dodge attacks 24/7, which means that MANY of enemy attacks will be reflected
Equality for damage
rest is self explanatory

Dextrous because you (as I said) dodge so many attacks that you constantly get crit damage beyond cap
Energy cause of damage
Adventurer for damage
CD for permastealth
rest explains themselves

That was it! If you have questions I will gladly answer!


get rid of the Orbit on your Imp, that is for Arcane Element, and your build is Poison. besides, you already have almost +60 Elemental Crit (Legend), so even changing the Imp to Poison Element so you have Toxic instead, you can use that space for something else.

get a non-weapon item to be Epiphany and get Chakram for your Orb Skill, more damage!!!

get rid of both +5000 Poison DMG and the +5000 Weapon DMG, and move one of the Epic affixes on your OH to another non-weapon item because…

when you get a Chakram, get one with either +200% WD or +100% ED. I would go with the +200% WD instead of the +5k WD, since your Vial Skills don’t do any direct DMG, and it directly will boost Orb Skill…

also you will be replacing your 2x ED+ with 2x +All Skills, which will give all your *Wizard Skills on your Rogue Build +10, which means a lot more DMG!!!

I don’t know how well Equality works with Energy. if it considers Energy to be 100% HP/MP Equality%, then you are golden. but if it only considers HP & MP, then Glasscannon & Plagued is messing up your HP/MP Equality% by a lot and lowering your DMG. if you already tested this out, then ignore this part of the post.

Adventurer is only good when your Gold Indicator is showing, which requires there to be Gold on the ground all the time. if you get to high enough floors that the monster is still alive and the Gold Indicator goes away because no more Gold, you are in trouble.

because you are using Wizard Skills on Rogue Build, I was thinking one or two of these 4 Sets would be better. Reactor gives extra firepower when you use Orb by causing an Arc every half second for the duration of Orb (Orbit is the Elemental Crit for Arcane Element. it causes an Orb of Arcane DMG to swirl/spin around your Character, kind of like Whirling Blades, it doesn’t affect Orb Skill if it is Poison Element). Maelstrom increases the DMG of all Procs, and Mayhem increases the DMG of Procs based on how many Procs you have. Identity increases the damage of Skills from another Class.

the rest of the build looks great and I bet it does a ton of Poison DMG. one reason I suggested these changes is because Stealth reduces DMG by 50% when activated, and so that the Orb Skill and the 3 Procs with Relentless Talent would do better together.


Changed my imp to poison, and got poison damage iinstead of toxin. Brain fart.
The orb skill is a proc, not a skill. I am still usin rogue skills for my build (mainly guideshot). Blight is my main source of damage.
Chakram is not my style. I will always love bows
Adventurer works for now, the enemies around the cartographer last long enough. Might switch it up tho.
What do you think is the best affixes for my MH if i remove the two epic ones?

Thanks for the tips!

How to get a season league skin🙏

the +All Skills puts Points into your Rogue Skills on your Weapons, and also Skills of other Classes if you put them on your Weapons (Special Skills) and Proc’s. that is +10 for each of the Rogue Skills you are using, and also the 3 Wizard Proc’s. that’s a +50% DMG for all those Skills. all 3 of the Procs also have bigger AoE, Twister hits 4.4 times a second and Storm hits 6 times a second. if you have the Gold and enough Myth Stones, it is worth it to get 2 of these. plus it frees up Hero Points to put in other Skills if you need to. I spent many tons of Gold and Myth Stones to get my first 2 Elixor Myth Stones for 2x +5 All Skills.

if you can’t find a Bow with Legend +200% WD or Legend +100% ED, keep the +5k WD for now and replace the 5k Poison with Epic +100% WD. the way the early part of Damage is figured out is: WD% first, then add WD+, the total is multiplied by ED% then add ED+. so if your Bow does 100k dmg + 100% WD = 200k dmg +5k WD = 205k dmg + 20% ED = 246k dmg + 5k ED = 251k dmg +100% Guideshot-20 = 502k dmg with Guideshot. Poison DoT would be about 50k per tic, +400% Toxic = about 200k per tic + a little under 400k with 4x Blight = about 900k Poison DoT when you cause Toxic Cloud. and this is before anything else that affects DMG (my math could be off by a decent margin, but it shows a little of what is going on behind the scenes). so on low level weapons, flat WD+ & ED+ are useful, but for high level weapons, flat WD+ can still be useful if you have the room, but flat ED+ becomes less useful, as you can get other affixes that do tons more damage than they do. I think on this build, Glasscannon is boosting DMG more than if you had 7x 5k Poison DMG.

@Yahoo you need to get up to Eternal League to get the Season Skins. doesn’t matter which Division, as long as you get into Eternal League.

Thanks for advise!.I have never really looked into damage calculations. I have some tens of millions to spend, I guess I will use them on this. Also have to keep some for my 3rd ascension soon… I switched out Equality for Aetheral Drain, and removed one elemental crit. Im now only 2% over limit. Got my first crystal eternal too, but it does not fit my build…

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