Permastealth still exist

Hey guys, Just want to know that is permastealth now still exist ? This guy has some of his videos with SO sick Rogue Bow build.

Yes it was purposefully rebalanced to be more expensive not impossible :slight_smile:

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So this video is true right ? We can still make it permanent ?

You can although this video must be of a previous patch as this person does not meet the requirements for permanent stealth on current patch

Ohhh… okay.

How to perma stealth now. Stealth 40, reduced CD, 50%+ dodge required. Hunger set if you can which makes it simpler but will take a set slot just to achieve. Hunger set is a great set though as you can reduce CD by 37.5% in a set which can also be combined with the 45% reduced CD from crystal affix.

Another way is using Epiphany and reduced CD but that’s optional.

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Permastealth is nice but I prefer more to use the disc orb :sunglasses: Locking Mobs before you see them in map and THEN RAMP them with frozen-effective/weaken/crushingblow It’s the ultimate and effective build to a fast kill/clear maps in just few minutes. HAIL TO THE BUILDER OF SEASONAL MAIDEN :tada::tada::fireworks::confetti_ball::mega::notes::notes::musical_note::microphone::musical_score:

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Yes!!! Well technically it can have perma stealth but stealth 30 and reduced CD is pretty darn close to it.

Thanks for hailing my build :parrot: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smile: . Yeah it’s an awesome build!

insane MH%, frozen-effective/weaken/crushingblow It’s the ultimate and effective build to a fast kill/clear maps in just few minutes. I love the build.

Ye, my wiz reactor build can clear floor 500 in just 3-4 minutes. And it’s totally clear even props are all cleared too. With my flash fortune bringer warrior we can clear maps in maximum of 3.4 minutes .

Hey @Cuzeg, about your build you create a few days ago. does Arcanist and Frozen work at the same time? Will arcane debuff work ?

Im talking about the Seasonal maiden sorry haha.

Yes. Well i think so anyways.

Why on mine wont turn into color pink and the damage didnt even increase?

Warrior has ascendant pet or set who walks around and casts Debuff with Wrath 20 talent on amulet. The maiden has Arcanist which increases the power as visibly seen on stats page
The frozen is due to Coat skill from vial (or by other means like elemental crit affix if you like) and frozen set is self explanatory, makes frozen enemies explode.

The warrior is hiring as well. Well the hurling could also be iceburn wizard with ascendant. Also my hirings use shock for staff Debuff reasons.

But i use wizard. It wont work right ?

What do you mean?

i use wizard class, then tried Arcanist and Frozen.

The Arcanist color pink effect didnt work on them, Why ?

If you had effective mythic on ring they will turn into their elemental weakness , arcanist activate when one mob affected by arcane Debuff from arcane element from hireling then add the crits from coatweapon or anything that has crits. (Applies on all crits) from dictionary. And effective will activate after they hit and die bcoz of frozen explosions.