Personal Qualities

These forums are so boring, man. They’re all about this game, Dungeon Quest. Who cares? Who even likes that game anyway? Geez. :wink:
Let’s hear about YOU. What’s a defining quality(ies) of you?

I’m 6 foot 9 inches tall, and I play: acoustic guitar (6/12 string), electric guitar (6/7/8 string), acoustic bass, electric bass (4/5/6 string), piano, harpsichord, banjo (5/6 string), koto, shamisen, keyboard, drums, saxophone, trombone, organ, violin, viola, cello, mandolin, and I can sing, whistle, AND… Drum roll, please… Kazoo. :smiley:

What about you?

EDIT: I lied… I can’t actually play the kazoo. I can’t figure the damned things out. :sweat:

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You can now audition for AGT and play those instruments 1 by 1! or for your height you can play basketball. :smiley:

Asian height here, play billiards, DQ, MapleStory, Silkroad Online, works as a supervisor in a logistics company with 3 kids. :smiley:

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Hahaha. “Hello, judges. Now begins my hour long audition!”

Haha. Interesting…

Normal Height and Weight, middle aged family guy who rides motorcycles with my three kids and enjoys basically any type of sport.

Started out in the gaming world on one of those machines that most of the younger generation won’t have a clue what it is: A Desktop Computer :smile: . And my monitor wasn’t flat. Tubed…

First MMO was Lineage then Asheron’s Call. Beta Tested DAOC and then moved on to ShadowBane. From there World of Warcraft (Alpha AND Beta tested :smiley:) Left WoW to go back to DAOC before finally finishing off with Warhammer. Once my kids got a tad older I decided to hang up my gaming shoes.

Now look at me… an android addict now haha.


14 year old. a little bit tall for a 14 yrs old kid. normal weight. I’m from Philippines and a kenjutsu student… have no kids if you’ll ask me XD

Well, let’s say that i’m a player of all sorts of games including official and beta games out there. My favorite game genre is MMORPG’s, RPG’s, some Action/RPG’s.( I like all games that have any characters with swords )
My favorite computer games so far are Elsword, Dota2, LoL, Cabal, and Dungeon Hunter V.
Then on my android are Zenonia series 1~6 (my most favorite), Dungeon Quest, and Dungeon Hunter series 1~4.

That’s all!


I play dungeon quest everyday


I’ve expected someone will say that XD

He he, hi all. I hail from the land of Spaghetti, i’m a 19 years old guy that still hasn’t finished studying and plays Brave Frontier and this game :smiley:

maybe should gather all then make a group chat on fb hahaha

im john from Philippines 21y/o and im a GAMER haha i play dota2, dungeon quest and tekken thats all thankyou haha


oh things are getting interesting here. I’m 28 years old from Philippines working as a home-based freelance in real estate industry. I created my DQ account for my 4 yr old son but surprisingly enjoyed the game as well. I let him farm and pvp sometimes = ( Aside from playing CS:GO, starcraft, LOL and LEGO games I love traveling and hiking.


put group chat in forumssss!!! haha more dq friends more fun! :smiley:

I’m an Engineer. During my free time I play dank souls. I also like dank memes

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Dank Souls = Would rather die. Haha.

I’m down for creating a Facebook chat for DQ. That’d be sweet. :smiley: There’s a new update for the messenger on phone, as well, and we could use our IG names.

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No plz lol, half of us are males that use Rogues :smiley:

I am a living bug tracker. Love Rouguelike, Dota 2 and Diablo3. Read a lot - currently reading trough the books of Patrick Rothfuss.

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Have you ever read any of R.A. Salvatore’s books?

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Not yet. Its on my reading list :slight_smile:

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Drizzt Dourden, man. D&D master. My favorite books are the Eragon books, by Christopher Paolini, and the Oryx and Crake books, by Margaret Atwood. I read too much. Non-fiction, mostly, lately.

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5’3’’ - 16 years old :slight_smile:
Like to play guitar (and composing songs)
Retired player of MMORPG Games. (Ragnarok, Godswar, MU and more)
Retired player of Dota 2

New job Item farmer
Goal - Complete the LEGENDEX!