Pet Affix Rollback?

Good day, Newbie here.

I was training my pet and everytime my pet level up and everytime i kill 3 enslavers i always check for affix changes. One thing i noticed that every level up / 3 enslaver kill my pet affixes will increase in value but after i exit the game and come back to it later, the affixes will roll back

Can you please explain why this happen? i always go to main menu before i exit for proper saving

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Hey! Thanks for the bug report. Going to check it as soon as I have time. :slight_smile:

It is possible that the feat increased the affix beyond the maximum/pet level. When this happens, the game will reset the stat to its correct number. For example, a MP+ affix varies from 50~5000 for a level 100 item. But a lvl 20 item the range is 50-1040. The pet feat can boost the affix of a lv20 pet beyond the maximum 1040. When you log out and log back in, the game will fix itself and reset the MP boost of the lv20 pet to 1040.

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