Pet and Item Farmers thread


My first eternal luckyaffix pet. I hope i can use this in Arena.


Looks cool.


nice pet good for tanker type


Another luckyday . Say " hi " to my Simba.


Say hi to Eternal Rain. Also I got that a while ago but yeah.


I can tell by that pet that you spam floor 2 :sunglasses:





Man I must be really lucky to get this many pets in a farming session or two (killing 6 enslavers in a row without monster boost two times at high floors) . I was searching for the damn cognition rings and aether wraps but this happens!


well, damn lucky! haha


Iā€™m beginning to feel how cronos got super lucky with so many eternal pets in a day on his birthday as a coincidence. RNG trolling.


got it from eternal chest sooooo luck :smiley:


the RNG was on your side @cuzegspiked





almost desame as my slime nice slime


nice pet. all affixes are useful


I only got 4 good pets the other are trash for me except for their set affix
Here the other pet that i like but still not eternal


Cool. Also that vampiric touch fairy has almost the same affixes has my plagued pet.


hello SPIKE. can I adopt him?