Pet Eterno ! Very lucky

Whoever believes always reaches independently of anything, the first eternal pet !!!


yay!! great mate!

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Grats after almost 6 months of grinding for an eternal pet I finally got one as well. Unfortunately the stats were so bad I was afraid to even take a screen shot of it cause I thought it may break my tablet on something so ugly. I swear this game is rigged against me or everyone is doing something I’ve not figured out for pets cause everyone has eternal pets with near perfect affixes and out of almost 30 legendary pets only a few of them have semi OK stats and the only eternal was litteraly nauseating to see

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Good for killswitch and pathfinder bonus affixes.

Godly pet wow super cool

:sunglasses::wink: It’s my only eternal pet

my only eternal pet is slime and still ??? tho :smile:

got an eternel pet too from level 200, very very lucky hahahaha