Pet Legend Drop Glitch

Hi DQ Dev :grinning:

Sorry if my post is similar to this one

Legendary pet dog turn to fairy? the hell!

But i don’t want to bump that post and make anyone notified for a dead old post :confounded:

I want to report a glitch that happend few times (now), it occured whenever i got a “Legend Pet Drop”.
The first time i saw the glitch when i got my other “Spike” (Hound), the game tell me i that i got a Legend Fairy, but actually it is a Hound, and the new one happened today while grinding for my last ascension (VI), game tell me that i got Legend Imp but actually it is a Fairy.

I guess the glitch not yet fixed since the first time reported (refer to the link above)
However, it just a pet (i know), but they actually really help with the affix they have.

And… i want to ask, why there is 2 “Blood Magic”, 2 “Mythical”, and 2 “Summoner” in “All Stats” tab, i found the other have two but separated with “%”

Hoping for the answer :wink:

Hey! I am not a Dev, but I can answer your question.
One is for the Blood Magic set affix and the other one is for the Mythic Blood Magic.
It’s the same for Summoner and Mythical. There is a Summoner Set and a Summoner Mythic aswell.
You can find the list of all affixes here:

About the bug. Thanks for the bug report! Yes, it’s a known bug. I am sure it gets fixed, once the dev has time.


Thanks @Refia it does answer my question and i hope that bug will be fixed soon :sunglasses:

What if the stats tab had things colored by type? Summoner set would be green, mythic would be purple. Same for mythical, blood magic, etc.

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This would be a good idea. I will add it as suggestion, but I can’t promise anything yet :slight_smile:

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