Pet Problem

So I accidentally used a quartz on a legendary pet . Removed all the affixes while turning the pet blue but keeping the set affix. If I use topaz on it, the pet turns rare then epic but never back to legendary red. Is there a way to get it back.

I’ve thought aboubt just reinstalling n upload. Just wanted to check here first.

I’ve been playing for a long time. Just frequent the forums but never posted anything.


Sadly your pet is ruined. I know because I’ve done the same thing.

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It’s not a problem. Just get the affixes you want, then farm enslavers to raise affixes values with the feat.

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I’ll try that. Thanks.


wow, usually, as long as there is one affix, the items stays Legend, but I have lost the Legend once or twice while I still have at least on affix on it.

like @DuDono said, if the Set affix is still useful to you, just Craft it like you normally would, just don’t use Quartz on it again! :wink: :smiling_imp:.